Thinking of Others While Running

It seems like going out for a run would be such a simple thing but after my time in running I have learned both what to do and what not to do as a result of other actions and my own. I share all of these with a smile on my face and in with a kind spirit. I am sure you can relate to a few.

1. Since it is so hot and I am running in the very early morning or late evenings its still a little dark. So one of my first tips would be when passing someone in these conditions I would always say a little something that lets them know you are passing. Last night while running I screamed twice because the same guy run up behind me and passed me. I am sure we have all been there that you just get in a zone while running and the path is quiet and out of no where someone comes flying by.

2. Always try to say "Thank you" to the volunteers and police officers. Since my husband is in law enforcement I run by many officers we know when I particpate in a local race. You can imagine what fun it is to stand there for 4-5 hours while all the runners have a chance to finish.  Its really bad during the hot summer runs and the cold winter times.
Also I ran a race a few months ago where they were short on volunteers so they had prison inmates handing out water! I will never take a volunteer for granted again because seeing their smiling face really is wonderful.

3. Oh this is a big one, when running in a group its really best to not run 3,4,5 people wide and take up the side walk. This coninues to happen when I run at the park and I have to go off the side walk and run back onto it after going around them. Might not sound like a big deal but when the ground is wet, muddy, or uneven I risk injury. I make sure when my son and I are training he falls in behind me so we make plenty of room for other runners when they are running by us.

4. Think of others when you wear costumes in a race. In my first half marathon at mile 5 I ended up keeping the same pace with a lady that had a skirt made out of beer cans. I had 7 miles of beer cans hitting each other! Also keep an ear out for keys and change.

5. Try to eat all of your GU from the packets. Nothing is as messy as stepping on a GU packet that is half full. Yuck! A wet road and GU packet makes for a very slippery path.

6. I made this mistake recently in a race. The wind was blowing so strong and my hat blew off. I stopped right in the middle of the run and turned around to grab it. You can imagine how many people ran into me. What was I thinking but I was not going to be seen with Hat Hair.

7. Always warm up before you line up for the race. In my 2nd half marathon a young girl was standing in from of me and out of no where she decided to throw her leg back and kicked me. Ouch it hurt!!

Most of all go out and have fun!!!!

I am sure you many of you have something to add to this list and I would love to hear!

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