Modern Vintage Boutique Style and Fashion Dresses

When I find something new that I like I want to share. I love love love dresses but the issue I seem to run into is finding the something that is really in style but not to short. Either I am getting taller every day or the dresses or getting shorter and shorter. I am sure we can all agree which is the right answer!

I came across this site the other day and love that so many of the dresses come just above the knee which is what I like. Here is the link. modern vintage boutique

I plan to place my order this week so as far as shipping and that area of questions I cant answer yet. Here are a few things that I really like and plan to add to my list!




Coral Color Block High Lo Striped Maxi Dress

These are only a few items they have on their site. The reason for my delay is a few of these items are sold out and I am just waiting for them to come back in stock. Very cute site, prices are good, and the right length for me with a splash of in style!
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