First Day of Training for the Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon

What a great start to my 17 weeks of training for the Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon! Each week is going to have two gym days with heavy weight training. Today my husband wanted me to go to his gym to try out the Jacobs Ladder. Here I am on the first go.

You walk away from this worn out! The way it works is each step you take is the motor and makes the wood steps go like inclined stairs. Took my calorie burn way up.

Then it was off to the machines. I try not to do a lot of cardio during my weight training because I really need to use the time I have to focus on weights. With my schedule I have to get every workout in when I can.

I have always wanted to try the tire turn over and I did today. WOW, they are so much heavier than I ever thought. I did three sets up and down the back of the building.

Best of all, I love when I have great workout buddies with me!

Very pleased with day one of the next 17 weeks of my life and then Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon here I come!!!

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