College Application Was Submitted Today!!!!

Today was a very exciting day~~~~ Dallas submitted her college application to the college of her first choice!!! Now we wait! Here we are together as it was sent. I was so exciting that I was with her for this fun day!

A very special day because as you remember we went on our week long girls college road trip and looked at over 6 colleges and out of that we have the #1 picked out. Application is on its way!!!

Just before this I had my hair cut so you get to see the new style! The back has a stacked look and the front goes little longer. Its funny that my first thought was in wondering how it would look in my running hat!

Fun day all the way around! Keep us in your prayers as we wait to hear back!!! I know she will have no problem getting accepted but I cant wait to see the smile on her face when is she!!
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