A Little TLC to Help With Training for Your Half Marathon

I have been working with a personal trainer for a little while as I am training for my 3rd half marathon and she shared some great advice to help me with my little pains here and there.

First- Rest Days
It really is ok to take a rest day and do NOTHING. She really does mean NOTHING! I seem to need a little more recovery than the average person just because my work life is so busy and so stressful. By 5:30pm and close to the end of the week I am exhausted! But who isn't.....right!

Second- Helping with Lactic acid
Elevate your feet after a long run for 10 minutes and drain the acid. Do knee bends to help move the muscles around. This really has been helpful.

Third-A Little Something for Days you are worn out
On days that I just feel there is no way I can get a run in I still get out there and speed walk. I feel the weight of the world lifted and my stress melts away. Also most of the times once I am out there I still pick it up to a jog!

This is something I really need to have in place. My hip has been getting so tight on me that it hurt to even walk so she started looking into how much stretching was I doing. The answer was none.....most of the times I was in such a hurry to get out there and have the time to run. When I finished my run I had to hurry to work or hurry to something. Well now I take 10 minutes a day at least to stretch and it has made a huge difference!

Fifth- Get a massage
This can range from using a foam roller for 10 minutes to hiring a professional. You can also tell your sweet husband how bad the muscle hurts and if he is like mine he will help!! Either way it works!

Sixth- Take a COLD bath
This is my favorite one to share with you because it really works. I could not understand why after a long run or hard workout I would go take a nice hot bath and the next morning could barely walk or move. Then after a suggestion I sit in a waist high cold cold bath and it made such a difference. Now I know those of you that have been involved in running for sometime know about cold baths! For my new running friends, the reason a cold bath works is.......It prevents the breakdown of muscle tissues. The cold water will stimulate muscle cells to start repairing the muscle tears. For me I don't actually put ice in the tub, the cold tap water does just fine. After if I am really hurting I will put an ice bag on for a little while.

I hope these tips have been helpful. When I started running I just thought I would put on a pair of shoes and go.....who knew there were so many things to know!!! I love being able to share what I have learned along the way.
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