A Week In Review

I am going to start this post by being very honest. My week was so busy I was only able to get in 1 mile of running last week and here is the proof.

I kept a copy of this on my phone to motivate me for this week. I have to plan ahead and layout a schedule so I can fit working out into my schedule everyday, or atleast more than 1.07 miles. Thats crazy but so it life~

On that note this is my positive quote for the week! I loved this when I found it. I have found this to be true in life, business, and runs!

This week Dallas had the opportunity to go to a college up north and take part in a legal program. Very exciting time for her. Here is a little inside view into our trip up.
First the weather was terribale!

The look how bad we were during breakfast!

I wont tell you who ate what! :)

Fun picutres during breakfast....you can never go wrong with Cracker Barrel.

4 things that mean the world to me are God, my Eddie, my Dallas, and my Trey! My family means the world to me and I love to capture every minute with them because a photo holds 1000 memories!

A few random photos during the week.

 You meet our cocker spanial in previous post so now met our yorkie, Binz!

I think we had one day of sunshine and we made good use of it!

This is Binz with his alien eyes!

I hosted a breakfast and wow if my breakfast plate could look like this everyday I would be very happy!

Very excited that we get to pick up Dallas this weekend! That was a good practice run of what it will be like when we really do take her to college!

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