Start of Summer Party on the Bay

We had the opportunity this weekend to attend a fun Start of Summer Party with friends at their families home on the Bay. Here are some fun photos!

This picture says it all! These sweet girls jumping off the dock together, I love it!

Trey and his friends on the water. It is so sweet that this most of the boys in this group  have attended school since K-5 and are now getting ready to enter the 5th grade.

That's my Trey on the water. I love this picture~

I have to explain this picture. See the boy on the dock fishing....my son is to the left of the dock and the other group of boys are all lined up on the right. They thought it would be fun to pull the fishing line and make him think a fish was on his line. Thank goodness for miracles because no one was stuck by a hook!

That's me way out there after I came off my raft. I can tell you lots of prayers were being said that no sharks came around.

That's me!!!

Sweet kiddies!

My sweet Trey in the green life jacket.

The kids had a blast in the water.

My Trey!

I took this as the sun was going down! I love how the water looks like velvet. The perfect ending to a fun day!
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