Makeover for My Master Bathroom

I took on a project of making over my master bathroom and had to share the results with you! As many of you know I am a Real Estate Broker and with my profession I have the great opportunity of helping people buy and sell homes. With that I have the opportunity to help many many of my friends with decorating ideas so its fun to share something of my own.

Here is a little idea of what I was changing. The very large flower wall paper was in need to something calming.

This is a picture after the granite counter tops were put in. I hate that I didn't get to show you the bright blue counters before they were taken out.

Here is the after!

As you can see I painted a tan taupe on the walls which gave much needed calming effect. The chandler is one of my favorite new features.

This is a picture with the white spa robe but I think it adds such a warm feel when it is in place.

This photo gives you a side view above the tub. Just a pop of color and I love candles!

This is a close up of the picture and candle holders over the bench. Its actually much larger than it looks in this photo.

My ceiling is very tall in the bathroom so I need a long photo to go in this spot. This one was perfect and still fit my theme.

This is the shelf over the jetted tub. Its just enough because this is the same wall with the large photo and candle holders.
I love the light covers I found that match everything~

These are two photos that I won at a fund raiser. They actually gave me my inspiration for the complete bathroom. One sits on the wall over the bench and the other is over the tub.

This is a photo of the new counter top that is in a separate dressing area.

What a difference it makes have a warm master bathroom after a long hard day of work or a very good workout!

What new projects have you taken on around your home?

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