Its Hot Outside!!!

As I previously mentioned I am still running but boy is it hot outside! I went Tuesday for the Mellow Milers where we run 3.1 miles and then eat pizza at The Mellow Mushroon. I have to admit Trey and I only made it for 2.0 miles because we took a short cut. It was 98 degrees at 6:15 at night. There was no way I was going to put us through that.

This was us at mile 1! Only the first mile and we were dripping sweat. So we cut across and started back which was kind of neat because we were running with the speed runners for a few minutes. Its not a race so its not like we cheated. We would never do this in a real race. :)

Once we made it back we grabbed a booth and took in a lot of water! Water never tasted so good! Dallas came and joined us and then PIZZA time!!!

After dinner we all went home, cleaned up, and watched This Means War. It was such a good movie and I highly recommed it! Just love every chance I get to spend time with Dallas and Trey. Only thing missing was my sweet Eddie!

Must see movie, Have you seen it?
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