Finally Found A Carry All Bag

As I mentioned before I have been on the hunt for a carry all bag. I really had certain things I wanted and didn't want. I didn't want pockets on the outside of it, I didn't want it to tall or to big. I didn't want pockets on the inside because I have my own carry cases for everything. I did want stylish and user friendly. I did want large and wide. I did want strong handles.

My goal is to carry everything I need in my work day but when I need to run in somewhere I would just grab my wallet. I love my wallet which has a place for my Iphone and is all I need.

While traveling this weekend I ran into a candy store that sells special gifts and found it. I would have never thought to check a store like this but it was perfect!  I am going to have my initial monogrammed on it in yellow.

Its going to look so cute with the yellow E in the center that matches the handles. An idea of what I keep in it is: IPad, Netbook, TomTom, charger cords, makeup bag, bottled water, zip lock with my hot tea bags for meetings at office, notebook, files, pens & pencils, wallet, change holder, and on and on.
Then I have my running workout bag that I also carry each day so you can see why I wanted to not have to carry a purse. I am saving my cute purse for weekend activities!

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