My First Pure Barre Class

I attended a pure barre class today. If you havent heard about this class or you dont know the back ground behind it here is a little video link to share the idea. Please watch the video because it will really help you understand my thoughts below. Video source from youtube.

The clothing you wear are yoga pants and shirt. You also wear your socks in the class. They sell special rubber gripping socks but I just wore my regular ones. They are very comfortable and easy to move in.

I have taken part in five 5k races, one relay marathon team, and 2 half marathons and this class was hard! Its a very focused toning class. The class provides you with a rubber band, hand weights, and the red ball. I think I might see the red ball in my dreams tonight. Many of the moves require you to hold the red ball in your thighs and legs while working the muscle. Very challenging but I really enjoyed the class.

A couple of things I really liked:
They offer a free class so you can see if this type of workout is something you are interested in.
The class was small with about 15 ladies.
The instructor shows you the move and then walks around the room making sure your body is in the right alinament. I loved this because a few times I thought I was preforming the move perfectly and when she straightened me up I found I was really off.

Not a negative but just a few items to point out:
The classes are a little on the expensive side. I don't want to quote a price because they might be different with each location.
Just my thoughts but I don't feel this is the right class for someone that has 25 or more pounds to loose. This class is really more for toning after the weight loss. That is just my opinion because when I was recently working with a personal trainer they shared with me that you can have great muscles built up but they can be hiden behind fat. I still have a few more pounds to loose but this is enough motivation to push me so I will see the results.

If your location offers a free class I highly recommend it!
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