Movie Premier Night- Snow White and the Huntsman

As you saw in a previous post I received two free passes to the premier for Snow White and the Huntsman. There was a promotion at a local cupcake shop for anyone that purchased the snow white cupcake you received 2 free passes.

 My sweet Eddie was my date!

From here there will be no more photo's............why you ask because as we tried to enter the movie theater a door bouncer guy told every one as they tried to enter they were not allowed to bring in a cell phone. They made us walk it back out to the car. Crazy! You could have told me I had to leave my purse in the car and I would have been fine but no cell phone....its your line of safety to the outside world. Just kidding no panic but its my life line for my kids to reach me.  With all that said Eddie took both of our phones out to the jeep and came back in the theater and sat down. I told him I wasn't going to make it without my phone so he got back up and went to get mine!!! My hero......with all seriousness if my son needed to reach me I needed to be reachable! Just kidding, I could go without my phone if my kids were with me but when their not I always want to be reachable.

I dont want to give anything at all away about the movie. The movie was good but there was a lot of battling in it. I think I'm getting older because I'm just not into war and battle, Ill take a good romance! They guys will really like it and it was worth seeing in the theater. That seems to be the question, should I see it at the movies or wait for the DVD.  It was fun joining Eddie and the company always makes a difference! So fun night was a success!

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