Saturday Shopping Trip

Eddie and I started out on a shopping trip for a birthday gift at Hobby Lobby which is one of my favorite stores. While riding in the Jeep I was being silly and taking pictures but every time I tried to line the frame up I would notice the something was changing and I figured out he was being silly and moving forward out of the picture. It was fun that we were both off for the day and had a ton of laughs!

I know............silly but life is short so have fun!!! If you have seen my previous post you would have noticed I always wear my Oakley running sport glasses but today I ventured out with these. I was playing with the camera to see what I thought about them. I think a mirror tells one story but a camera doesn't lie...lol!

Dallas purchased her new Toms this week and loves them. I must say they are very comfortable and cute. Best of all every time you purchase a pair they donate a pair to a child in Africa. Awesome! I also wore my new sweater that I picked up from Ann Taylor Loft. Its always great when you can find a very light weight sweater for those days its in the low 80s but inside the store its freezing.

I could decorate my house with a new color scheme every time I visit Hobby Lobby. I have a bedroom upstairs that in the future I want to have everything in a black and white color scheme so I am always keeping an eye out.

This looks black and white but it was more of a cream and dark wood. I recently changed out my master bathroom and I need one more picture but I don't think this is the one, still cute!

I love this one! I have the perfect spot for it and best of all they are on sale!

I like this lamp but I really don't have anywhere to put it but had to share it!

I love this lamp for the room I want to set up in the black and white theme. Love it!!

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