Picking Up Half Marathon Race Packet

This weekend I am running in my 2nd half marathon with the Gulf Coast Half Marathon Series at Pensacola Beach. I think its a little scarier the second time around because you know the pain that's involved after the race! But no pain no gain!!!

Trey and I ran over to Pensacola and picked up the race packet. There wasn't an expo involved just a quick run in the store and pick up and we were back on our way home.

We of course had to stop at the state line and took a quick picture by the famous jet.

The view riding over was really nice.

Number is picked up and now I am ready to go out tomorrow and hit the road! Cant wait to share pictures of the view!

I love when the bibs have your name on them. I keep all of my bibs after my races and I have them in a large frame which hangs in my office. This reminds me how hard I have worked to loose almost 40 pounds and it and also reminds me why I need to work hard to keep the weight off!

For dinner tonight I went with a little something different and instead of pizza or spaghetti I went with a healthy version. I want to see how good clean protein and carbs work out for me.

Then in the morning I will have a protein shake and 45 minutes before the race I will have a piece of toast with peanut butter and a banana. I am ready to have my Gatorade during the race and my gu packets and jelly beans. I usually eat my shot blocks but I am going a little different this time! Cant wait to share all the details with you.
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