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I wanted to share some facts with you about the Kettle bell. I have been training with one or almost a year now and I love it. There are a couple of things I have learned from my training that I know will be a helpful tool for you.

I recently injured my left elbow while using my kettle bell because I didn't warm up properly. Thankfully after two weeks of rest its healed.  I would never throw on my running shoes and take off running full speed without some type of warm up so I'm not sure why I picked up my kettle bell and started slinging with no warm up but that's a lesson learned.

A few other points to know.........

1. Once you take a class or learn moves from a DVD practice them 5-10 minutes a day for maybe 2 times days a week so the moves go much smoother for you. The more you practice the smoother the moves feel and you will enjoy it more.

2. You will be sore so don't be surprised. You are using several different groups of muscles and even though at times it feels pretty simple you will feel it the next day! Remember feeling sore is a step in the right direction!

3. Find the right weight that works best for you. I used to think I needed the heaviest bell to get the best workout but that's not true. I have a 10 pound and and a 20 pound and I use them both differently.

4. Be sure to read about the correct ways to move. You can google this and find a site that you feel is accurate and has photos to demonstrate.
There are also so may DVDs that you can pick up that will teach you the correct positions and moves. Just like with any tool if not used properly you can injure yourself.

Don't be scared of the Kettle bell, its a really awesome way to get a new workout in during your week! I love it!
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