Gulf Coast Half Marathon Race Review

Today was my 2nd half marathon! I must admit I thought long and hard about not attending because I haven't had the chance to train like I should have. I have been going out for a lot of short distance runs and bike rides but not long distance training. I went in knowing I might not hit a PR but I was proud that I stuck to what I committed to. I didn't let the challenge cause me to back down because of lack of preparation. I just went out and pushed the best I could. Plus I love a new medal!

The day started by waking up at 3:30 am and hitting the road at 4:30 am. We had an 1 1/2 hour drive ahead of us and they wanted everyone to arrive about an hour early to get settled. You can see Trey and I in the dark with the car light taking a quick picture to see our early morning faces.

We stopped at the Florida rest stop and the clouds were very dark and looked like rain but we never saw anything after this. Thank goodness!

We arrived and it was time line up! I think we actually had 15 minutes before the start which was cutting it very close!

I was trying to decide if I was going to wear a hat and within 2 minutes I knew it was a hat day. The wind was so strong.

Here's another tip that I did today for the first time and it really worked great.

I safety pinned my GU packet and my Sport Jelly Beans to each side of my shorts so I didnt have to carry them. It worked great. The only issue was I should not have eaten both, one would have been fine. Between the Gaterade and the two packets I could not take any more sweets so make sure you really train to see what works best for you!

Just seconds before the gun went off there was one problem, you are squeezed in tight waiting for the sound to take off and out of no where the girl in front of me decided to kick her leg back and stretch it backwards toward her back. I thought she had cleats on as it cut my leg. I know you really want to see my leg but the lesson here is Don't decide at the last minute to do a random kick in the air. You might hurt someone like me!

Then I had to run 13.1 on my hurt leg! This picture is after the race and it had time for the swelling to go down! It really hurt!

They called for us to line up and the gun went off at 7:00 sharp! Look at the sun coming it, just amazing.

The following photos are from the view along the race. I am sure you can imagine why each photo will not need words. I will say the first 8 miles of the race were very tough and I think really took a lot out of me. The wind was so strong. There was also a strong smell every so often of dead fish which was killing me. I really think I used energy that Im not used to from having to push through the hard wind.

One other note is hours after the run I can still taste the sand. The view was amazing and really worth it.

The sun started coming up and it was so bright and hot!

Look at that sun!!

Ok, this is the worse picture ever but I had to add it to help you get an idea how hard it was pushing through wind and hot sun. Look at this poor girl, she is so tired! I was actuall trying to give a little smile. I had to tighten my cap and put my glasses on it so it would stop blowng off my head until I could change directions.

Ok so who is this guy you ask? He was my pacer. I have never paced myself with a guy before but I thought it might add a little challege to the mix. You know the drill...he runs, I run, he walks, I walk with the goal each time to get a step ahead of him. Then some how I pushed a head and had to find a new pacer! Woo Hoo!

They did a wonderful job with all the volenteers along the route. There were also several water stations that offered both water and gaterade. Since I was carring my gaterade I would take a cup of water at every station.

This is the coolest app on the iphone. Its the find my Iphone but it let Eddie log in and keep up with my location. You can see the ocean and me running along it. I love it! Plus as he would hear the ambulance sirons and hear that another person has been picked up it would give him peace of mind that its not ME!

My family is such a huge support and cheer team for me. When I hit that finish line no matter what race I take part in I see their big smiles and hear their cheers. Then they greet me by telling me how proud they are of me. It just doesnt get any better!

My awesome cheer team!

This race offers two more runs that I plan to take part in so I can have the complete set of medals! One is in Gulf Shores and the other is in Lousinana.

Just a few extra pictures, I pulled up Trey and Eddie's pictures on their phone to see what they were doing while I was running and looks like they had a lot of fun killing time!

My sweet boys!
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