Day One Tour- Troy University

What a beautiful campus! We had a lot of fun checking out this school and attending the event they put together hosting us which allowed us to not only tour the school but also speak with different departments and the students that take part in each section.

We stated off by waking up at 3:00 am this morning and took off by 4:00am. The trip was about 4 hours long so you can imagine how sleepy one is after a long day! The weather was really bad and really scary. We took a couple of back roads and it reminded me of the movies with tornadoes!

The weather was so bad you could barely see out the window! Lets say lots of prayers were being said.

I wish I could have taken the kids approach and slept through it!

College girl getting closer!

For breakfast we stopped at McDonald's for something quick. I still managed to get something pretty healthy...........I stayed away from biscuits and hotcakes!!
After all I do have a half marathon in two weeks!

6am breakfast!

I did good. Eggs had my protein and I had alittle sausage.

As we entered Troy it was still storming so the event was moved inside. We were able to speak with all the departments which was very helpful! I really think this is what helped Dallas know this was the school for her. Having the chance to really hear from the students and how much they enjoy everything!

Trey enjoyed speaking with the History Dept and tried on the hat from the real movie Gangs of New York. His day was made! He was actually ready to sign up with Troy that day!

The campus was amazing!

This was my favorite building the way they added on but kept the original entrance and made it part of the new inside. I loved the brick style.

2nd view of the outside being part of the inside. Awesome way to add on and it looks great!

Entrance to one of the dining halls inside the main cafeteria.

This is the fan over the cafeteria and stretches over the ceiling. Just looks great.
Our tour guide was great and the dining hall was like no other. I would love to eat there everyday!

Another seperate location to eat. There were so many choices!

Would love to sit on the patio and eat.

We had the chance to visit the sorority houses and had so much fun! Rush week so like so much fun!

So day 1 is complete and 5 more to go! Dallas is very excited to get to spend a week here in the summer for Girls State to get an even better feel of everything! We absolutely loved our time here!
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