Auburn College Campus Tour

Today we had our tour on the Auburn Campus. We kept our fingers crossed that the weather would hold off and it did great until the very end. A big piece of advice I would give when touring a campus is even if the tour is full still plan for your own self guided walking tour and hope that there is a cancellation. We arrived for a self guided tour and we were able to attend the group tour which was great!

Of course we had to start our morning off with a "girls photo!"

We are here! So excited for this tour!
 One of my favorite stories goes with this building. Did you know you can lead a cow up the stairs but it is impossible for a cow to be brought back down the stairs? Yes sounds like someone had a great joke on their hands as you see the bell tour in the top left corner.

Go War Eagle!!!

I loved the story that was shared with us on this building. It was said that this was the home of the lady that watched the girls on the campus and she would sit on the porch writing in her journals as the girls came and went. Her journals were suppose to be so full of scandals they had to be burned! I beleve they still have a few of them locked up in the library.  Great story.

One thing I noticed at every school we visited were the tornado shelter area signs. It was pretty scary because a few of the schools and the surrounding areas still had tornado damage from previous storms.  I'm very happy to see that the schools are all taking great steps to keep the students safe.
We were so happy to hop on the bus and out of the rain to finish our tour!

We wanted to do some shopping around town but the rain came down pretty hard so we wrapped up with the famous lemonade.

Great to see all the school spirit!

The tour was great and I must say we are ready to catch our breath~ 6 schools in 6 days!

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