The Rock n Roll 2012 Half Marathon!

Let me start by saying, "The race was amazing!" I was blown away at how well organized everything was for the runners and their families. All the way from the online race registration to the day of the race. I was so pleased and had such a great time. I would highly recommend it. I actually plan to continue with the series of Rock N Roll Half Marathons through out the United States and possibly outside.

I'm going to have to break race details into a couple of post because I really don't want to leave anything out. Starting with the morning of the race, I woke up at 5:00am so I could eat breakfast and have time to warm up and get moving. I woke up in a very serious mood and ready to run at my best so I went for a serious color.............black and gray. I'm glad I went for this color choice because I had my best run ever!!!

I ran downstairs to step outside and it was pretty chilly so I grabbed my white Nike cover up jacket.

We headed down to the start line. The streets really felt safe and they were lined with volunteers and police. I was very impressed with all of the measures the City took.

We headed to my coral which was number 24! The line for the potty was lined down a block. So glad our hotel was close to the start line.

I was thrilled that my family was able to stand next to me on the other side of the gate and they actually were able to walk with me to the start. I can not tell you how much it calmed my nerves seeing them right there with big smiles on their face!

Every time I turned they were there waving and telling me how proud they were. Its a memory I will hold forever! They were able to follow me all the way to the start! So getting lined up I was so nervous!

Totally trying to get in the zone with my music. I am so glad just before the race started I tossed my jacket to my husband because it really warmed up.  

Then I would run back to the fence to see my family and here their cheers!

They kept each coral roped off like this. Then they would walk us up to the next group and again every minute we would walk up closer to the start line. Every time you would hear a count down and the horn would go off.

I was thrilled when I meet the girl and guy next to me who had done this before in other states. The were so sweet and their husband and his wife were also running but higher in the group coral numbers. They really helped calm my nervous!

I as so thankful to have the opportunity to talk and laugh with them!

The race officials dd such a great job spreading everyone out so we didn't feel on top of each other. With 22,000 people that's hard to do.

It wa so exciting to hear the annoucer count down each coral as it took off. They would let each group go about every minute.

I didn't take photos during the run because I was so focused. I do want to share a few points on the run. They had plenty of pottie stations set up all along the route, there were enough water and Gatorade stations also. Around mile 7 they offered a salt station and the medical aid stations were located along the route. Again I was very please with the set up.

I was very pleased with my time splits. I had my best 5k time with a 31:21 which was an improvement from 36:00!!!!!

I actually crossed mile 13 at 2:40:28 and  I crossed the finish line at 2:49:00 because the finish line was a little further than 13.1. I can not tell you how pleased I am with my time. I only had one 14 minute mile but by mile 12 I was really tired. I picked back up and finished pushing. I am just on cloud 9. I AM A HALF MARATHON RUNNER!!!

Even though I will probably always stay in my mild colors there were some really cute costumes. I loved the hero group.

A few finish line photos of me!

 The finish line!

 The crowd at the finish line was pretty thick. There was actually someone with a bull horn telling peope to back up and let the runners out.

 There I go...almost about to cross!!

 I'm almost there!!!

There I go!

This is when I spotted my family in the crowd!!! My arms started waving as fast as they could to let them know I was still alive and pushing hard!

Once I hit the finish line they made us move at a very slow pace through the gates for about .25 miles as we picked up food and drinks. The slower I went the more my legs were saying, "get some where and sit." Once I made it out of the gates and onto the grass my legs said it was time to sit and so I SAT ! :) My family came over and joined me and the celebrating started!

Wish I had a way to show you the big picture, it really was something to see that many tired runners!

 It was actually a funny site to see 22,000 people laying and sitting everywhere.

One very proud runner!

I would highly recommend this run! The one things I should have done was gone to the run and taken an ice bath but Dallas and Trey really wanted to grab lunch and treats. I wouldnt miss an afternoon with them for the world so I tagged along for another 3 miles around the city. Then we drove back home for 3 hours so my legs are so sore.

 I plan to finish the Rock n Roll series and also start the Disney half marathons! I will share in my next post our afternoon after the race. Thanks for taking a look and all of the support!

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