Im Checked In.....One Step Closer!

We just checked into the hotel and panic is starting to set in. I have about 30 hours and I will be running 13.1 miles through the streets of downtown New Orleans!!!!!!!! I decided to share a quick blog of our hotel. The great bonus is I am 4 blocks from the huge expo that will be taking place and just a few blocks from the start line. Then we are 4 miles from the finish line. I believe we are going to purchase the shuttle pass and take it back to the start line which will put us very close to the hotel.

Let me start the tour...........maybe its the real estate broker in me but I love building structure and decor. Here is a shot of the lobby.

After checking in and getting settled in our room I of course had to run out and look for the gym.

They have a pool and other features............

A look into our room............

Eddie and I decided to look around and found a coffee station with hot tea which was the great find so we didn't have to walk down 4 blocks to a CVS. With the hotel we are staying at they take your car away and park it in a secure location. I was thrilled to find hot tea!!!!

Now to rest up so I can hit the expo tomorrow!!! Give me your vote on two items.

1. Should I wear my black shorts with a light touch of pink and white shirt which is more me since I am a black, grey, and white style runner. Or should I go out there and wear my teal shirt and pink shorts with the teal stripe?
2.Should I spend $150.00 at the expo on stuff I know I want and will use but really don't need so I can get the VIP pottie pass? :) For anyone that doesn't know the VIP potties have real everything!!!!

Ill bring back lots of fun photos from tomorrows adventures. Now I'm going back to the room to once again ask myself, "What have I gotten myself into?"
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