Headed to the Expo for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon

This morning we started off with a little walk around the hotel to stock up on Gatorade and bottled water before we went to breakfast. Luckily we have a CVS just a few blocks from our hotel. This morning was windy and a little chilly at 55 degrees.

My sweet Eddie!

Across the street was the restaurant we were going to for breakfast and luckily they had the ability to text you when your table was ready so we didn't have to wait 45 minutes outside of the building. Instead we went back to our hotel and waited. Wish this was possible everywhere!!!

The restaurant we went to for breakfast was The Ruby Slipper and was very French Quarter New Orleans style. Very yummy and I made sure I had my morning carbs. I don't like to eat a large meal for dinner so I had a very yummy breakfast!

Now to the yummy part...............the food!

I had the Banana Fosters French Toast with the Foster set up on the side!

My husband had some type of shrimp omelet that he enjoyed.

Then we were off to the Expo. It was about 1.5 miles aways from our hotel so we were able to easily walk, which was a good thing considering the calorie count from breakfast!

This one was to much fun to pass up. I wish I was crossing the finished line with this time!!! That would put me at 9:30 a mile for an average pace for all the 13 miles! Dreams do come true!

Very happy I am signed up and ready to go!

Group photo with my dream support team!

Rock N Roll!!!!

Brooks had a cute set up and a set up that was fun for the kids. My son even received a Brooks medal for a game he played. I played a game where you had to throw a small ball into a Brooks shoe and won! I won a huge shoe pillow.

We stayed and listened to the health expert and I really did learn a lot. He shared with us the reasons we should not take Advil before a race but save if for after. He covered several educational items that I know I can put to great use in my runs. He said he would not be surprised if tomorrow they have 300 runners end up in the medical station. They have ice bags to IV Bags ready to go. Geezs a little scary!

All of the clothing was cute but there just wasn't anything that stood out really strong that I just had to purchase.  I guess we know what that means...............no VIP Pottie for me! :( Isn't this dressing room to funny!

Rock n Roll fever!

I did make this purchase and I love them! They go on the top of your shoe lace so they sit straight up. One is a crystal stone crown and the other is 13.1 with a crystal stone. Love them!

Then we were off for a quick lunch at Popeye's. You just can not visit New Orleans with popping into a Popeye's!

Now we are back to the room for a little TV, Blogging, and BED! I'm planning to get up at 4:50 am so I can get up, have breakfast, and warm up. The race starts at 7:00am but everyone will go in sections so I wont start until a little later in the 7:00 hour. I still have my two outfits laid out waiting for me to pick one. I think at this point I am just waiting to see what time of running mood Im in!!!!!!!!! Say a prayer for me!!
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