Azalea Trail Run Review

The weather on the day before the race was pretty scary!!! The good part of the bad weather is I did some great research on running in the ran.

But then the sun came out big and bright!!!

Saturday I took part in the 35th Azalea Trail Run and it was a beautiful day! This was my first run this year that had such a high level of humidity and I realized I have some training to do as we enter the hot summer months! I was still satisfied with my time but I didn't set a PR, actually it was almost on the dot of my last 5k run. All of my other races I have improved at least a minute so to stay at the same time was new.

I will start from the beginning with the Friday packet pick up. It seemed to be organized just fine and there was actually more people than I expected with me as we entered the minute the doors opened on Friday at noon. Here are a couple of inside shots.

 After picking up your packet with your bib number we moved over to the t-shirt pick up. They were laid out and well organized. In the past with some races it has always been an issue with the shirts being in boxes and the volunteer having to pull from them. This system seemed to work well.

 The alphabetical dividers are always such a big help! After checking in I moved over the the purchase line and registered my son so its helpful to be able to handing everything so quickly. They had a good selection of vendors and there was enough room to walk around considering the amount of runners that had signed up. 

The shirt was cute and seemed to be cut a little larger which is good because most of the dry fit styles are always cut small.

Now on to Race Day! I was so thankful the sun was out bright and no rain. It turned out to be such a beautiful day! I shared in an earlier blog post that during each race I seem to learn something new so in this race I learned it is very important for me to keep the race date in front of me at all times leading up to the race. This run came up so quickly that I just don't feel I was able to mentally prepare like I should have. Running is so mental for me.I love running once its done and maybe a little before but I really do it for the challenge. I have my 2nd half marathon in April so I didn't pay attention to this one like I should have. This caused me to wake up the morning of in such a nervous state. I feel like I was never able to completely wrap my mind around it and get comfortable! So note to self......I will always be better organized and keep the race date in front of me.

My running buddies!!

Headed to line up. This was the first run that I took part in where the 10K runners started at 8:00am and the 5K started at 8:15. I liked this system because it was exciting seeing friends take off in their race and then lining up for mine.

The crowd was pretty thick at the start line. I was just about right in the middle of the group.


Start line!

The race itself was good but I do have one suggestion for next year. I hate to mention anything negative but this was a very big issue for me. The first water stop was around 2.5 miles and there was only one person working it. He could not possible pour enough water to keep up with the crowd so I missed water at this station. I was so thirsty and the humidity was so heavy that I really needed something to drink. I had to leave this station and just hoped there would be another one.
As I started getting close to mile 3.0 I could see the next water station but this is the part that really bothered me. It was being worked by prisoners in their prison uniforms????? People come from all over to run in this race and to help show off our city and we had prisoners hand out water. I am the very first to say that people deserve a second chance in life but this is also about attracting people to our beautiful city. Next year there has to be better preparation with volunteers to help prevent this. As I mentioned I am not sharing this part out of a negative spirit but one as a suggestion on how to improve the run.
This is what the visitors should remember about our great city...............this is the view!

Back to the good stuff............I crossed the finish line and was so happy!

 Yes it was really this hot!!

My Eddie running across the finish line. He had one of his best times so great job Eddie!!!

Chick-fil-A was handing out sandwich's as we crossed the finish line. (Chick-fil-A can pay me later for the ad!  )

My beaming hot red face............I have to train on handling the heat!

Now that is the cutest!!

The halls were lined with massage tables but I was to busy looking for our times and didn't take part!

In a separate post I want to share with you a precious young lady that sells head wraps to benefit children with cancer so keep an eye out for it!

The had red beans and rice and and a station with grits.

One of my favorite part of running is seeing friends. Yea April for running the 10K, you rock!

I was so excited to meet some of the runners from Kenya. This is the women's 3rd place winner and the men's 1st and 2nd place.

1st place and 2nd place runners from Kenya. I think they had about 4:30-5:00 minute mile. That's crazy fast!

The top 4 female runners.

And I love my new sparkle! Here is many more races............

When is your next run?
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