PF Changs Lunch Date

We had a plan while on vacation to only eat out once because this would help us have more control over our food intake but when we saw there was a PF Chang's we had to grab lunch. We don't have this chain of restaurants in my city and the nearest one is 4 hours away to the north.

I have wanted to try the Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wrap since I saw it featured on a TV show.  I must say they were very yummy. I walked away with a new idea on how to make a few new items and really cut down the calories. I think I am going to make turkey burgers, sandwiches, and  tacos this way.

We had one of the fun half moon shape booths which made sharing dishes very easy!

We were able to each order a separate dish and all shared it. I enjoyed everything but I think I am happy there isn't one near me. I saw the calorie count after the fact and wow, its up there. For a one time lunch it was worth it.

Shrimp fried rice.......very good but the portion was more than the four of us could eat.

The egg drop soup was not my favorite but that's fine.

This was the Chang's Spicy Chicken and the Mongolian Beef. There were two of the best dishes. The portions were enough for the 4 of us to share and we still brought some home. Then we moved to dessert, now I would not have ordered it but it came with our party for two order we placed.

I love the area they have set up for everyone to wait to be seated. It was nice and cozy.

I love the style of this shopping center. Very beach scene.

Very fun afternoon and lunch date!
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