Now Let Me Tell You About This Hike

This hike was one my family will never forget. Its one of my favorite memories I have and will hold onto always. We started with the the idea to ride and go on a short hike but once we reached the location I talked my family into going ahead and taking on one of the harder hikes of the trip...........Im not sure why but it sounded fun at the time. It was an 8 mile round trip hike but the end was suppose to be amazing. Since I have been running and training so hard I felt so ready to take this on. I am sure my kids wondered why they had to play along since after all it was me training and not them! Actually I know this is what they were thinking because they shared it loudly along the hike after mile 1. So let me start sharing some of the photos and story behind the photos with you.

This is everyone putting the only light jackets we had in the car on. Now what we did not know is the temp is about to be drop to 14 degrees as we go up into the mountains. Not that it was going to drop 14 degrees but would only be 14 degrees!!!

This is one of my favorite photos. I didnt know my son was making a sad face because he didnt want to go but best of all look at my daughter in the back ground. She was laughing so hard, isnt that just how brothers and sisters relationship are!!!

Getting ready to start our journey.

My daughter ready to go!

The boys!

Just leaving the parking lot and it hasnt hit me yet why we are doing this!

This is my favorite photo of my husband!

An idea of lots and lots of mud puddles we had to walk in and around.

As you can see I gave up my jacket to my son. I love this photo, what a memory!

At this point it was about 20 degrees and I have given up layers to keep others warm. Now my husband was begging me to take his jackets, gloves, and whatever else but there was no way I was going to let him be cold since this was my great idea!!! :)

All this walking and just before the end we find its closed due to bear activity!!!! Not only bear activity but aggressive activity.

Proof that I at least made it this far!

We actually had snow and ice falling and hitting us. We walked through mud, rain, sleet, ice, rocks!

This view made it all worth it! The final photo shows you how we walked 6 miles along the states boarder. So awesome that my Nike tracked it!

Thanks for taking a look and sharing in on our hiking trip that we will remember forever! Erica

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