Making a Workout Fit In Everyday

I started feeling like I could not fit a workout in everyday so I had to find alternative ways.  I know this isn’t something new but Im sure you are like me and heard everyone mention it but I finally put it to use. Here are a few examples of what I do to help keep fitness in my life everyday.

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1.       We just came off vacation from the condo at the beach. We were on the 19th floor so as much as possible, when we left I took the stairs. That’s 19 floors up and 19 floors down.  Now that might be extreme to some but each floor had a door to walk out and take the elevator but I stuck to it. I also didn’t run 19 flights of stairs I just walked it at a comfortable pace…..as comfortable as 19 flights can be.

2.       When I go grocery shopping I try to carry my bags instead of putting them in a buggy. This of course is an amount that you can carry within reason but instead of tossing them in a buggy I try to carry them to help my biceps.

3.       I try to park further out in parking lots to help give me a little extra distance walking.

4.       When at work I take walk breaks and walk around our building. Instead of just walking outside for fresh air I make a walk out of it.

5.     I always try to take the stairs over the evelator or escalator.

6.       I lay out a plan the night before to see how I can fit the gym or a run in. Planning ahead is a must! I have my bag packed and clothing ready.
I find the only way working out "works" for me is to plan ahead!!!
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