Dinner at Firefly in Panama City

For my birthday weekend we like to go away to Panama City, Florida and we are there now. We also like to come this time a year to get away from Mardi Gras that's going on now in our city. Since my husband is a Police LT. he has had his fair share of years of Mardi Gras and we are just done with it.

I cant wait to share a couple of photos with you from our fun weekend. Our favorite restaurant there is Firefly's and we had reservations there last night. It is such a unique location and here are a few photos. No matter what your political view is its very cool that the President and his family ate here a few months ago.

When you walk into the restaurant there is a large tree in the center that has lights all thru it. We were told the same man that made and designed the tree of life made this one.

My son with the tree in the background, so pretty.

Of course I had to go around the table taking photos before dinner arrived.

The sweetest man in the world!

Such a beautiful young lady~ our sweet girl!

They start you off with bread. Now normally we ask to pass on the bread but we just could not on this one. They bring you three different spreads and its just worth every single calorie.

Looks like you average salad but the dressing is a ranch peppercorn homemade and is so yummy.

After your salad they bring your crab soup which is over the top yummy!

As my dinner I had the crab cakes with a mango salsa, whipped potatoes, and asparagus. My son and daughter had the same dish. It was very good and very fresh.

What a cute couple!

Then we move to dessert................need I say more............

As we were leaving my son had to have his photo taken with the Alabama Football signed by the players and coach. They were will to sell it for $6,000.00 so we decided on the photo!!

To sum it up, dinner was wonderful, the company was better, and the run is a must to burn off the calories!
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