8 Helpful Points!

1.       Don't give up- It’s always fun to start a New Year’s Resolution on January 1st but at any point you hit a burn out wall  just start over. Don’t let yourself stop. We just entered February and this is usually when most people burn out but you wont!!!!

2.       Don't beat yourself up-  There are some days I don’t make my workout for what ever reason but I refuse to beat myself up. I take it for what it is, I look at the x in my workout journal and push on!

3.       Stick to it- I recently read a fact that it takes 21 days to put a new habit in place. I try to remember this each time something starts to feel hard. I just push thru it knowing soon its going to feel like an everyday habit


4.      Be Realistic- I never set goals that I know I cant reach. Saying I am never going to eat sugar….there is no way. If you set goals that you cant reach it only sets you up for failure and sometimes that can take you two steps back!!

5.      Plan ahead- I plan all of my meals ahead to help me stay away from having to grab the evil fast food. I am on a mission for slow cooking crock pot meals to help out with this. I always plan ahead and lay out my work out clothing the night before. When I wake up and seeing them staring at me I know I have to make my workout.

6.      Have a plan-I have a plan in place. I know how many times a week I need to run, how often I need to go to the gym for weight training, I add a hip hop class once a week. I also know what I need to eat and where my calorie count needs to be. Have a plan!


7.      Reward Yourself-This is the key………reward yourself with something. I had to find a new way to reward myself instead of a piece of chocolate or a dinner out which included 3000 calories….well maybe not that many.

8.      Track your progress- I keep a weekly journey on my workouts. Anytime I miss the day gets a big X. When I complete a workout I track it and the calorie burn.

No matter what month it is you can start a day over!!!  

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