Tracking Workouts in Writing

Happy Thursday!

I love to keep graphs and charts to show changes in everything I do from race times to wieght loss. I have found when your lossing weight using a graph or chart to record your success can help you reach a fit goal. Studies have actually shown it can help and increase the change up to 20% faster than not using any type of visual marker. Its very easy to keep a notebook like mine and log your daily fitness routine and calorie burn. It really only takes me minutes to write it down.

As you can see we are only on January 5th but each day I write my workout and the calorie burn. When I skip a day like I did Wednesday it really stands out to me and motivates me to not miss another!

I am also tracking all of my meals and taking part in Amandas Food Journal Challenge. It really does help to see what you are eating and if you had any little cheats sneak in. You can go to Runtothefinish.com to check it out!

I also highly recommed having your workout gear laid out and prepared the night before. If  I have to hunt for anything it helps me talk myself out of it. This isnt an issue for me because I really like everything in its place but seeing the items waiting on me to put them on and burn calories helps!

 Its almost time for me to take part in the Marathon Relay this weekend!!! I am so excited :)

I think I might go for a little shopping run this weekend....no run pun intended! I am looking for some light brown boots to wear on the outside of my jeans. Now that I have a black pair I have fallen in love with boots! Im going back to DSW to see if I can find some like these.

... Erica
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