This Weeks Review

Happy Sunday!

Each Sunday I am reviewing my week of fitness. This week was very slow due to Christmas and New Years all falling in the same week. I'm still proud that I got out and did something! I also stuck to a pretty good eating plan. So here we go,

Monday- Hip Hop Class 1 hour burned 373 calories.
Tuesday- Nothing but I did work on planks for 3 sets of 15 seconds
Wednesday- 2 mile walk
Thursday-Hip Hop class 1 hour 405 calorie burn
Friday- walk 1 mile then run 1 mile 250 calorie burn
Saturday- New Years eve so nothing. Did do planks for 3 sets of 20 seconds.
Sunday- 4 mile run/walk burned 510 calories!

Last night a friend asked me to join their relay team and run in the Marathon this Saturday so this week I am sticking to the cleanest eating plan yet! Each person will run about 5.5 miles so I am really looking forward to it. Maybe this will be a good trial run for my half marathon in March.

I'm headed out now for my Sunday run and can not believe what I put on to wear. I am so into  black, gray, and white color schemes so I was very surprised to see I reached for such bright colors. Not to mention my shoe laces match my sports top. Its taking a little getting used to my bright almost glow in the dark shoe laces!

OK I typed it a minute ago and now its really sinking in,,,,,,,,,I'm taking part in a marathon this weekend where others are going to be depending on me to have a good time so they can finish strong. Oh my goodness now I'm really nervous. At least with my half marathon its only me preforming for me. Yikes, keep me in your prayers!!!

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