Pre Race Day Activities

The First Light Mobile Marathon....................

Today the doors opened at noon for all racers to pick up their bags and bibs. It seemed well oranzied and there were a few vendors in the hall. I purchased a handful of energy items from jelly beans, to GU, to power bars. There were all flavors I have never seen in my stores so of course I wanted to grab a handful to try.

We then entered the registration room for our pick up. Each area had a station from single runners, relay teams, to te kids run. This made it very easy to pick up just what you needed and allowed you to move on. It was also great that the door opened at noon until 9:00pm which helped with the amount of people.

Met up with Kathy to get our packet start and handed out.

Then to help keep my mind of the race Eddie, Dallas, Trey and I went to the movies. You know what that means................more pictures! Dallas and I saw Twilgiht, which was good but Im not one of the big Twilight fans and Dallas really enjoyed it. Trey and Eddie say the new Tom Cruise Mission Impossiblae.

Ok he is so cute I want one as a pet!!!

We stopped for a small shoe shopping trip and I had to pick these up! Dallas walked out with four new pairs!

They really reminded me of these two cute outfit so of course I had to get them and they were on sale!

Back to running, so when we came home I wanted to make sure everything is laid out the night before so in the morning I am not stressed about what I need. Here's my outfit I will be racing in. Today is your day Nike! Nike hat, shorts, shirt, and biking shorts!

I plan to carry my hand held water bottle and my orange chews. Its suppose to rain but I am not going to carry any type of rain coverage. I figure Im going to be wet so just deal with it! I will be placing my Iphone in a plastic bag because I dont want it to get wet but I cant run without my music. I CANT!

Ok well wish me luck, Im headed off to bed for a good night of rest!   Erica
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