Part Two of the Relay Marathon Race

To pick up from where I left off..................my team mate handed off the arm band and I was off. I wish I had more photos from when I was running but I really had to stay focused because of the hills and distance involved. I did take two pretty pitures of the golf course which was along the route.

My sweet husband and son had the Jeep driving around as fast as they could to catch me at different levels of the race to show support and see if I need more fluids. Now that's support!!!

I finished and was thrilled with my times. It was my personal best.....it was my PR! Now this is my split and like I have said I am not a professional runner. I only started mid 2011 and normal for a run of this distance I have at least one 13 minute but not this race. I had two 11 minute miles and three 12 minute miles. I was thrilled.

Here's pictures of the team....The Guidos!

Now its time to show off the reward for the hard work!!!

One thing that is stuck in my mind are the marathon runners that crossed the finish line. I loved watching them run down that line to cross over the finish. Some of them looked like they would pass out, some crossed and placed their hands to the Lord and said a prayer of thanks, some cried which brought tears to my eyes. This one poor girl pushed so hard and she looked so sick.

If I even think about skipping a workout I will remember this and know I don't want to feel like this! Again this was the best race I have taken part in. To watch speed racers run past you and then you get to jump in and take part, I just loved it!!!
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