My First Relay Marathon Run

Let me start by saying this race was amazing and like no other I have taken part in. I am going to have to make this blog into maybe a few different post just because I have so many fun pictures and items to point out about the run. So lets start from the very beginning.

Waking up and breakfast.......In the past with a run I have signed up for I always make the mistake of getting up an hour before the run and rushing around trying to eat something as fast as I can while getting dressed. Trying to find the keys and hurry everyone else along. Part of my 2012 plan was to never do this again. So Sunday which as race day I woke up at 5:ooam and took my shower and started getting ready. My sweet husband made me breakfast which was grits and a scrambled egg with 16 oz of propel water. This was the perfect amount of carb and protein and wasn't to much on my stomach.

Now lets talk fashion. The day before I actually went to the sporting goods store and tried on a few new outfits but I have heard from several people to never wear a new outfit for the first time in a big run because you don't know how it will work with your body plus I just didn't see anything that stood out. The weather was going to be in the 70s and I don't like to be hot because of my clothes. So I stuck with a Nike outfit that I like and went with layers because I know the early morning air would be a little cooler.

I am so glad I took my husbands advise an went to a professional a few weeks ago for new running shoes since I was having such terrible calf pain. These new shoes did great! My calves did just fine and I think they have healed well! I'm really starting to love my YELLOW shoe laces.

Then of course layers is a must. I didn't plan to be a  walking Nike ad but I was Nike from head to toe from my hat, shirt, shorts, leggings, jacket, and shoes. Speaking of jacket, I love this jacket!

I can not tell you what a benefit it was to get up at 5:00 for a race that started at 7:30 but my part didn't start until 9:00 ish. I was able to really get moving and warmed up and out of the mental mind set that I had just rolled out of bed.

Even though the hand off to me wasn't going to be until around the 9:00 hour I really wanted to see all the fast speed runners go by. I wanted to already be warmed up and feel good about mile 10 where I was stationed. I found an empty parking lot to warm up in which was great!

While waiting my Eddie and Trey stopped in at the coffee shop that was right a mile 10.

The Mobile Police Department did a great job keeping the streets safe along with countless other volunteers.

We had a lot of waiting on the runners and hanging out at mile 10. Here's a few photos.

Then things started getting serious and the runners started running by us. I must tell you there was nothing like it! What other time do you get to see the top racers run by you at this amazing pace and then get to jump in the race and join. How someone runs a marathon in a 2 hour something minute time frame just blows my mind. 

Here is a glimpse of my trade off getting ready to happen. We had a yellow stretch band we had to hand off. The girls were making great time!

I will have to finish this story tomorrow.................but here is a glimpse of me!! I love this first photo because he was trying to get me in the shot as I ran by and how about that arrow telling me to go straight.....cant miss that! I was just so happy to see my boys cheering me up and ready to fill up my water bottle. With the 2nd picture, remember I told you in the beginning of my blog I wear a hat because my bangs crossed the finish line once first in a race well look at that pony tail flying!!!

Stop back by tomorrow and Ill finish more story!!   Erica
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