My 30 Pound Weight Loss

Today's the day! I hit a 30 pound weight loss since summer 2011!!!! Its been a good journey as I really find what works for me and also works in my running and training. I have shared an idea of my food plan on a previous blog post but you mush know it really works. I eat 5 meals a day with two that are smaller snacks style meals. I am never hunger and with the mix of protein and carbohydrate it helps satisfy me.
I have to share a photo of my before and after.

Before photo of me in my first 5k

30 pounds lighter running my marathon relay 5 mile race

My sweet husband and I when I was 30 pounds heavier this past summer,

20 pounds lighter and my husband is 20 lighter!!!

30 pounds lighter!!!

Thanks for taking a look into my day of celebration!!! Erica
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