Last Chance Workout

Last Chance Workout you say.....................So today was my last chance workout before my big marathon relay race Sunday. I don't want to do anything Saturday but really take it easy. I have my son's basketball game and then I think Dallas and I are going to the movies Saturday afternoon. I plan to eat clean during the day and have a normal diet. We might have spaghetti but I don't do a "Carb Up Meal" the night before. I always keep everything normal so I don't surprise my system. I plan to stay hydrated and stretched.

After a very busy day of work I ran my son to basketball practice and to not waste any free time I hit the gym for 20 minutes on the elliptical and then weights on legs and arms. These new shoe laces of mine just match everything in site!

I didn't want to over work my legs because I don't want them sore for the run but I had to share with you I did 150 pounds on my leg presses with 3 sets. I also am able to hold a 60 second straight arm plank with no problems now. I am way ahead of schedule on this one. I can not believe there was a time just about a month ago I could not even hold 10 seconds. No my goal is to finish my year goal with 3 sets of 60 second holds without any issues. See my 150 pound leg press!

So Sunday is the big day. I cant wait to see all the speed racers run past as I wait for the hand off during the race. I have never had the opportunity to experience something like this before. I am on cloud 9!!!

I wanted to share one quick tip with you about long runs. I have been doing a lot of research on long runs and how they help with training. What I have found for me is the longer you run the more calories you burn.I wear my polar heart monitor watch and it monitors this. This helps push me thru as I burn such a  high amount of calories. I wasn't in the habit of doing a long run but now I do one once a week and its just a habit. Every Sunday I go for a long run. I learned a lesson the hard way but it is so important that you build up to this. One week a few months ago I went from 6 miles to 10 miles the next week and that is just not correct. It really irritate my calf so please know you should only increase by 10% in distance. I also found it to be a benefit to have a long run and the next week increase by 10% but then the key is after your two weeks you go backwards in distance the next week to allow for rest . There is something mental for me about knowing soon I will get to have a shorter long run in the weeks to come.
It also helps me as I am running my 5k race that I can do it because after all I have my weekly long runs that I make it through!

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