Friday Night Lights

Dallas and I went to an event tonight and made it a fun girls night! We wanted to share a few pictures. I had to stop and run in Ulta to pick up some hair pins to hold my hair back and you cant go to Ulta without trying a new perfume. I tried the Coach Poppy scent and I liked it. My favorite is still Happy by Clinque but this one was nice.

I am also putting the Its a 10 hair mask on my birthday list. I have heard things about it. I love the spray!

Just having fun at Ulta on a Friday night!!!

Our event was held at the Mardi Gras Museum so we had fun taking a few pictures.

Everything is to celebrate the Mardi Gras history.

For anyone that doesn't know about Mardi Gras almost all organizations have a king and queen. These are the trains that are attached to the back of their gown and suit. It takes months and months for them to be made because they are hand made. There are really something in person!
We had a fun girls night and thank you Dallas for being my date! Erica
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