Burn Out Is Over!!

I can say my burn out is over! For the last 10 days its been hard getting out there to run and workout. My heart and mind just has not been in it. I was worried I wouldn't get over the burned out feeling but all it took was stepping on the scale and seeing 2 full heavy pounds put back on after loosing 30! That might not sound like a lot but my eating habits were falling back to old ones. A little candy here, an ice cream there, fast food around the corner calling my name!

Early this morning I hit the park and took on 3 miles to burn 400 calories and then this evening I attended my Hip Hop class to burn another 380!

Working out and running helps me keep my diet in full check. You see how hard it is to run off 400 calories and you just dont want to waste them on junk.

I recently read someones blog and they talked about the dreaded D word.......DOGS. This had me thinking about safety for runners so I wanted to share somethings that came to mind thats very important to me.
  • Be sure to wear reflective clothing or light devices. Its so important that you are seen and stand out!
  • I always run facing the traffic so I can see whats coming at me.
  • If I am in a high traffic area I turn my music down or just wear one headphone.
  • I never just think that cars can see me. People text, talk on the phone, and just dont pay attention.
  • I make sure I know whats going on around me. Boy have a learned a lesson from this. One time I was looking straight down while running and when I looked up I had run right into a fight. My music was turned on and I could not hear. Yiks...... Then one time I was in a neighborhood and two dogs charged me and bit my arm. Ouch! One time I wasn't paying attention and turned down the wrong street and next thing I knew I was lost! OK so you get my point.
I hope these tips have been helpful! So I'm going back full speed to training for my half marathon in March!!!

I have a full weekend so I cant wait to share the pictures! Erica
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