After Run Dinner Celebration

After our big run we went out for a celebration dinner. I worked so hard watching everything I ate to fall into a new weight group for the race so mentally I would feel lighter.... you know 110s 120s 130s 140s 150s. Lets just say I did move into one of these so that night we went out for dinner! Here are a few photos I have to share with you. Let me make a funny side note that at this moment outside its 28 degrees but last weekend it was 76 which is why I am in a dress. This weather is crazy!

My sweet sweet supportive husband! He is the very best!

What is the red ribbon around my neck you are asking??? Why yes that is my medal from the race but no worries that is the only 2 minutes I wore it! LOL

Two sweet girls!

Two cute guys!!!

Its so much fun how you can involve your family in a day of activities!
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