I Hit My 5% Weight Watchers Goal Today!

As I mentioned before Monday mornings are my check in day and I am very excited with the results. I am not sharing my weight (not that brave) but I did want to share the weight loss 2.9 pounds this week. I do know my future weigh ins will not be this good so I am preparing myself for that fact.  So for 3 weeks I have a total loss of 8 pounds. Last week I didnt weigh because I had dental surgery and had to have a lot of ice cream. It was fun using that excuse!!!

Very exciting day as I hit my 5% weight loss goal! Even more exciting I received my 5% sticker!!! I have 3 more pounds and I can sign up for another half marathon! Remember I set a goal weight that had to be meet before I could run another race. I found that I just was not able to loose weight while training and only maintained. Of course I would loose a pound or two but I was looking to take off more like 15 pounds. I just keep imaging myself running and then sitting down a pair of 15 pound weights and taking off again. Of course I will run faster!

With tonight being New Years Eve my first suggestion to Eddie was for us to go grab a nice big dinner but that is a habit I am breaking. I went and purchased all the ingredients for an over the top healthy dinner. We will splurge a little with dessert but thats much better than going out for bread, appetizers, soup, salad, steak, and dessert!!! I will share the awesome recipe I am making soon!

Happy New Year to each of you and many blessings!!!

Ann Taylor Must Have Necklace

Right now Ann Taylor has a 50% off everything sale going on!! I found a new necklace that I love and had to share with each of you so you could pick it up during this great sale.

Its a heavy style gold chain with jewels hanging and rinestones just above. The stones look dark here because its against the black shirt but they are more of a light brown color. The perfect necklace to go with everything.

You can dress it up or pair it with jeans! I love a statement piece of jewerly.

Go treat yourself with something pretty for the New Year!!!


More Snack and Meal Ideas While On Weight Watchers

The most important thing I have learned while on Weight Watchers so far is always eat fruit and/or vegetable with every meal because they are almost all zero points. They make for the perfect filler item.

If you start to look for something a little different here are some ideas.

Banana Naturally prepackaged goodness you can take anywhere, with the added benefit of cramp-preventing potassium. Zero points.

Quaker Instant Oatmeal  This speedy fiber- and protein-packed breakfast also makes for a warm, filling snack. Add fruit and you have added no extra points.

Light Greek Yogurt  This bone-building snack provides 20 percent of your RDA for calcium and vitamin D. Again add fruit and you have added no extra points.

10 Shrimp and 2 Tbsp Cocktail Sauce The perfect treat--and no one at the table will know you're counting calories. Very low on the points chart. Throw a salad with it and you have the perfect lite meal.

2 Light String Cheese Snacks Any food you that is pre packaged and easy to take on the go is perfect for a snack; plus, the protein battles mid-afternoon hunger.

1 c Baby Carrots with 2 Tbsp Hummus
 The crunchy texture is awesome and I love matching it with the tangy hummus! This is one of my favorites!  

No Reason for Fast Food

If your schedule is like mine I run from one event to another. I find sometimes I think the only way to make it is to run through a drive thru. Well not true!! For about 4 points you can have a complete meal and no cooking was needed.  Today after church we had basketball practice with only an hour to change, eat, and get there. We made it because I ran into Target and picked up a cooked chicken, salad, and can vegetables. All for 4 points! It really does fit into your schedule even if you do not prepare the night before like I didn't.

Tomorrow is weigh in so wish me luck! I am sure it wont look like a huge loss but remember I had to skip my 2nd weigh in because I had dental surgery and was forced to eat ice cream. So this 3rd week I had to go back and loose the ice cream add on and my weekly weight. Im looking for a loss!!!

Hope these ideas help keep you on track during the week!!!


Pack A Snack and Walk Away!! Thats The Weight Watchers Way!

This month in Weight Watchers the habit we are suppose to learn is to pack a snack. Well I would like you to look at what is on my desk! My cheese stick is in the freg staying chilled to go perfectly with my apple.

What are my challenges during the day............I walk in this morning and we are celebrating a Birthday!

I put it down and didnt even take a bite! Its funny when these moments make you so proud! In my business people are bringing in fresh baked treats everyday so being able to say no really is something big!

When I went in the kitchen for my 3:00 cup of coffee guess what met me on the table. More cake!

I am posting this to remind myself that you can walk away and it really does feel good when you do!

Pretzel Snack Ideas While On Weight Watchers

I am keeping an eye out on everything and counting points so I can have good choices to snack on. I found these snack chips that are perfect to go with a sandwich or just when you need something salty. They have several different flavors.

The buffalo wings have a little heat to them!

I also like the original because its a nice salty thin pretzel. There is something about how its thin that I like. You can have 10 for 3 points. That might not sound like a lot but they are actually pretty big.

I also like Snyders pretzels because you can have 20 for 3 points.

The Rold Gold has a new Honey Mustard Pretzel that's really good. Again you get about 20 for 3 points.

Whats your favorite healthy snack?


A Christmas Not to Forget In 2012

This Christmas is one I know we will not forget but two of those highlights were the following:

To start I was very proud of myself because I did all of my Christmas shopping early because I knew I had dental surgery I would be resting from. I made almost all of my purchases from online sites because shopping in stores is just not as fun as it used to me. Just before Christmas Trey shared with Eddie and I that he wanted a new study bible. So Christmas Eve Eddie and I went out to purchase the perfect one. It was such a blessing being able to purchase this for your child. I still remember when I bought Dallas her first bible.

We spent a lot of time reviewing everything to make sure we had the perfect one. You know my Eddie is a police officer and I found this one that I loved.

There is a badge in the leather cover. Just beautiful!

We picked out the one for Trey and ran back home to make it to Christmas Eve service.

We were going to Christmas Eve mass so I wanted Trey to open his Bible before attending. He was so excited!

Headed to church for Christmas Eve!

I was also very excited for Dallas to open up one of her gifts on Christmas Eve before she went to a Christmas Eve gathering. I think the entire theme for her was monogram. From Jewelery to clothing which I will share in a separate post because I found some awesome Etsy vendors.

Now to part two of a Christmas we will not forget! A tornado whipped through the downtown part of our city. Thank goodness no one was killed. We had two separate bans that had to go through so we were glued to the news for almost three hours as they covered step by step. So scary!!!

Trey and I have been watching  this season of Doomsday Preppers so I have to share how he was so smart and put the bathroom together for the three of us.

He had his bag which by the way came from the Savannah Rock n Roll run! It was packed with a change of clothes and safety gear. He had us two diet root beer cans, a blanket, and under the blanket is his new bible. Not seen in the photo which he brought after was his Air Soft Gun he received. Now that is a sourthern boy for you, his bible and his airsoft gun!

He just could not be any cuter! I was so proud of both Trey and Dallas as they stayed so calm and collected. Me........now that's another story! Bad weather scares me like nothing else. Lets just say I had to stay busy and my house is clean from top to bottom!!

We are so thankful and feel so blessed for such a wonderful and safe Christmas! Hope you had a wonderful day also! Happy Birthday Jesus!


I'm Ready To Get Back To Running for 2013 But Its Cold!!

I am ready to get back to running and training for my next (unknown at this time) half marathon. I went out for a run tonight with Eddie and we could only complete 1 mile. Once the sun went down so did the temperature and fast. We went straight to Academy Sports because I need something to cover my ears. They were hurting so bad because it was so cold!

My new look while running.............

OK maybe not!!! What about this look...................................

This one will not work either because it seems to be more for sitting and waiting on a deer not running half marathons.

So I found the headband I had in mind!

Not a good picture of me at all but remember I did just go running and it was freezing!!! I plan to wear this and put my Nike hat on top. I always get so excited with a new piece of running gear. Even better, it was only 2.99!!! It was cute because as Eddie was helping me pick them out when I told him the price he said, "Well then buy yourself two!"

Speaking of new gear, whenever I need a "running pick me up" I can always find it by purchasing something new in the running department. Here are some great new Nike pieces that I just loved!

I love love love Nike running pants because they do such a great job with the length coming right above my knee. I also love the safety reflectors and the little key pocket in the back. I know other brands make these but I do love +Nike!

Love this green color.

I love this shirt. On the top is a draw string that you can tighten the shirt or let out and wrap up around your neck for warmth. Yes I am a huge Nike fan and also wear Nike shoes. The next pair I plan to pick up will be the Nike Moto 9. I have to wear this style because of the way my foot strikes the ground.

Now that motivation and warmth is in place I plan to hit the road running hard. Plan to hold me accountable as I will be posting my Daily Mile each week. We better see some big numbers and I also hope to announce which half marathon I will be running next! I am almost at my next weight level I had to reach to sign up and I will keep you update on that also.


Fluffy Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes

I tried a new Weight Watchers recipe today and Eddie and I really enjoyed them! I made this for lunch and it was great.

A ricotta cheese-and-citrus twist on a favorite American breakfast. Great plain but also super topped with mixed berries and a drizzle of lemon juice.


Sunday Fun and Weight Watchers Update

Trey had basketball practice so Eddie, Dallas, and I finished up some shopping and grabbed lunch. We had great afternoon and I just take in every minute of days like this since Dallas will be off to college in 7 months!!!

You never go wrong with Mexican lunch!

We are trying to stick with our Weight Watchers plan because we are only on week two but I will admit we have not been good this week.  Eddie has tried but I have been a bad influence! I had surgery on my mouth this past week and was forced to eat a lot of ice cream!!! Then for two of the days I really felt like doing nothing but resting so that's where the fast food came in. Then once I was up and moving the excitement of Christmas was in the air and we seem to be eating out! I was going to skip the weigh in but I am going to face it!! Monday mornings is the day for our weigh in and if they are open since its Christmas Eve we will be there. When I wake up in the morning we are right back on track.
Here is what I have learned this week. If you mess up with one meal don't let it mess up your day. If you mess up your day don't let it mess up your week!!! As soon as you can jump right back on schedule! The one advantage I have is for 3 days this week I didn't feel like eating much which helped me keep my points down. The problem is I was eating soft foods like ice cream!

Eddie and I went out for a 5 mile run/walk today and it was just great to get out. It really motivated me to sit down this week and plan my runs for 2013!

Here's to NOW with eating better and getting back on track!!


+Glam Grab Jewerly Site- JCrew Pave Link Style Bracelet

I have had my eye on the JCrew Pave Link Bracelet for some time now but just did not want to spend $125.00 on it. Well a huge thank you to Miss Southern Prep for posting this site http://www.glamgrab.com/ and I was able to purchase mine for $42.00. Its their brand but it looks just like the JCrew bracelet.

I can not wait to see how it compares and holds up but for $42.00 instead of $125.00 I will take it!!!

I love the look of the two together. I paired mine with the gold Michael Kors watch. You can dress it up or wear it with jeans! Today I wore it with this outfit and I had so much fun with it. Not sure if I like it more or the fact I only paid $42.00 for it instead of $125.00!!

One other item I like from their site that I am thinking about is this necklace:

 Thank you again Miss Southern Prep for the post on this site. Check it out while they have the items in stock!

Have you ordered anything from @Glam Grab , if so what did you think?

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