Year Review for 2011

My 2011 Year Review on Running……………
I officially started running in the late summer of 2011 so I would say I am very pleased with my results. My first run was in September and was the USA Go Run which wrapped through the University of South Alabama Campus. From this race I learned that I had to start training on hills. My daughter ran in this one with me. My husband was on the sidelines giving cheers and words of encouragement along with taking photos. I love when my family is involved in the runs with me! Oh and most importantly I learned from this race I will always wear a hat to run in. I will not be sharing the photo but my bangs actually crossed the finish line before me and the photo was crazy!

Then in October I ran in the Guns and Hoses since my husband is a Police Lt. This was a great flat race. My husband, daughter,  and son ran with me. My son and I finished together at my PR time. I was very pleased. I was also very proud of my daughter for having a great race.

I love this photo because we just crossed the finish line and we were worn out!!!

Then my favorite run was the Causeway Battleship 5k. This race was so exciting. The view was great and running on the bridge was so much fun. My son and husband took part in this one and did a great job!

Then I took part in a 5 mile walk fundraiser event. This walk taught me to be better prepared for cold weather!!! Layers are very important and layers that you can easily wrap around your waist instead of having to carry a big bulk jacket....which I didn't have anyway but say others having to do. This walk had over 25,000 participants.

I finished my year with the Jingle Bell 5k run. This was one of my favorites when it comes to the after party. The music was awesome and the food was great. My son went back for 3 bowls of grits and the cupcakes were pretty yummy!

I dont know why but when I run with the kids I love to snap a photo when we cross the finish line. Its proof that we did it and to remind me of the excitment!!!

Over all I am very pleased with the start of my running journey. I am now laying out which races I want to take part in for 2012 but I do know I want to focus more on half marathons. I love the idea of traveling to different states to take part in the runs.  Just make a fun weekend out it! I also plan to run 1,000 miles in 2012. Cant wait to see what 2012 holds!!!


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