Sunday Long Runs

Since I am training for my half marathon I committed to every Sunday as my long run day. Yesterday I ran 10 miles for the first time. I was really pleased with my pace and time but today wow I am so sore. I have found that ice cold baths for 10 minutes after a long run helps so much.

For recovery after a long run, tough workout or race, nothing beats an ice bath. Soaking in a tub filled with water and ice will help reduce inflammation of tissues and joints, relieve soreness, and speed up your recovery. The first 30 seconds are a little painful but after that I sit for 10 minutes and its amazing how well it works. You can sit in your running clothes to help keep your arms warm. Try it!
Back to my run, yesterday I took a GU gel and found that this is a energy enhancement that I can not take for future runs. This packet had 2x the normal amount of caffeine and my heart was busting out of my chest only in miles 1-3 and it took all I could do to keep my legs up with my heart. Once I hit mile 6 and above it slowed down but those first few miles were hard due to my speeding heart.

I have found that the gummies work so much better for me because at each mile I can eat another and I'm not loading my system up all at once. The flavor of the gummies are really good and no bad after taste. The flavor on the GU is very different. I might try them again when I carry my running back and can keep half the packet in a sandwich bag to eat along the route.

I did a really good job drinking my Gatorade during my run and managed to take in 7 oz over my 10 mile run. It really takes training to run and take in fluids at the same time. Once you learn how much to sip as you run you find that it really does help.Nutrition during a run....yes consuming carbs really does improve your performance.

Ok.........just kidding but I promise it really does help!

My advise is pick one day a week as your long run day and stick to your plan! Remember there is no such thing as a bad run as long as you learn something new that can help you be a better runner! So lets hit the track!

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