No Such Thing As A Bad Run

In my mind as a new runner there is no such thing as a "bad run." Every time I go out for a run I learn something new about myself. So let me share what I learned from this mornings run. I knew I had to do some type of workout early this morning because this evening was my office Christmas Party and my calorie count would be increased! My first lesson is......I have to change my running schedule and add more early morning runs. All of my training has been in the evenings after work. With evening runs I have had all day to stretch and reach a high level of energy, hydrate, and load up on the right carbs and protein.

This morning I went for an early morning run and wow was I zapped of energy. Last night for dinner I made a wonderful southern ham and this morning while running I could tell just how salty the ham was. I felt like I was so dehydrated. It is going to be so important that I start finding what dinner foods allow me to have a great morning run because after all my races our all morning runs. I have my evening runs down to a fine science and know just how to eat through out the day but an early morning run is so different.

The next three weeks are going to be wonderful with the kids on Christmas break. This is going to allow me to go for early morning runs before work and train in real time so I am set for my half marathon in March. I need to also have a better warm up plan because unlike evening workouts your muscles are so tight and injuries can and will be a result of poor warm up.

So the lesson for today is to never be hard on yourself for a run that didn't measure up to what you wanted. Take a minute to see how you can improve for next time and pat yourself on the back for getting up and doing something!!!

As I mentioned we had our office Christmas party this evening and I must share a photo.......

Hope you enjoyed todays post! 


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