My Polar FT7

My Polar FT7

Remember I told you I love running gadgets so here is today's review. I recently purchased the Polar FT7 Heart Monitor Watch. The Polar remembers ninety-nine workout files, provides you with a once a week history, and has the great feature of helping you keep your heart in the fat burning zone.

The monitor has two pieces, the watch and the chest strap. The chest strap is comfortable and adjustable. I have never had any issues and it goes on with no problems. Even during a sweaty workout it stays in place. Below you get an idea of what it look like.

 Let me give you an example of the great benefits. I was very proud of myself because last night at 8:00pm after a full day of working, a little Christmas shopping, cooking dinner and getting everyone settled I went for a workout. I took one of my gummy energy pieces that I love and I was off to the gym! I recommend the gummies to help promote energy for a run or hard workout.

As you can see my heart monitor is on and ready to go to work for me......or I should say ready for me to go to work so it can judge my performance! When I get to the gym I start it up and just seeing a zero is enough inspiration to get going.

Thank goodness the gym is empty tonight and I don't have to wait my turn for any pieces of equipment. I love a quiet peaceful gym!

As you can see from my watch a little more than an hour into my workout I burned 367 calories. I must tell you how much this helps during the day when you think about eating something not so good for you and you think back that it took over an hour of hard weights to burn 367 calories.

With the holidays my office has been flooded with goodies every calorie counts. Just today look at my yummies!!!

To sum it up.....I would highly recomended the Polar Heart Monitor. Helps you make sure every calorie you take in is worth it!!
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