My First 5K Race 1 Year Ago

What a long way I have come with running. My first 5k was 1 year ago and my time was 54:00 minutes. I was so out of shape and at the point had never enjoyed running. Only in the last few months did I figure out that you really have to learn how to run. You must learn what works for your body. The speed, pace, energy fuels, how much water during the day, your diet, how much to prepare, weights, and more. With learning what works for me I have been able to better my time to 36:00 which I am very proud of and as I mentioned before I am training for my first half marathon in March 2012 at the New Orleans Rock n Roll event. I have such a new respect for runners and no matter their speed but the drive to just get up and do it! I must add it also helps to have a great support team. My husband who is a police LT.  always finds a way to make it to as many of my runs as possible. My son who is 10 and my daughter who is 17 joins me in many of them. Its such a great family event. Below are pictures from my first 5K race I ran in about 1 year ago. Its going to be fun to share with you my journey!

First mile of the race!

Just a quick walking break!

A little more walking!

I wanted to share a few pictures from my first 5K because it meant so much to me. I love photos so as I go along you will always get a look inside.

Hope you enjoyed todays post! 

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