My Favorite 5k for 2011 As Far As Route

This year I ran in several different 5K events. One reason was to test each event to find the ones I liked the best and the other reason was out of pure excitement. After each race you leave excited and  ready to improve your time. With my first few races it was exciting to see what new shirt I would receive. Now the shirt is my last thought as I am really pushing to improve my time and going for a medal. I think the medal is one strong factor that is really pushing me to cross the finish line after 13.1 miles!!!

After looking back over the 5K events I attended in 2011 The Causeway Battleship Run was my favorite as far as the route. I loved the early morning line up and the fog that covered the water.

The race started off just in front of the Battleship and we took off to head towards the Causeway Bridge. One lane was closed but the traffic still drove beside you. I must say that running with traffic helps me run my best pace. I was very impressed with the Mobile Police Department as they made sure all runners were well protected.

Look at that hill on the bridge ahead!

A few weeks before running this one I started training and adding hills to my weekly program and was I ever thankful I did!!! The hill on the bridge was really something and as soon finished and went for a long stretch Eastbound it was time to turn around and go back Westbound.
The view was great with the water and the sun coming up over it. On the way back the Battleship was amazing!

The only area that needs a small amount of improvement is the after party. Once the race was finished they had a container that held ice creams and a table with a small amount of fruit. There was no entertainment and once awards were called everyone went on their way. Next year I would love to see a live DJ or band with a few sponsors that host food stations. Nothing of great expense but something a little more than ice cream.

And a very special thank you to April who helped me run my best 5K. I found her in the crowd while running  and paced myself with her for the complete race. Afterwards I told my husband I had to find the girl that I paced myself with so I could tell her "great race!" When running its always a great race when you can find just that right person, you push them and they push you! Thanks April!!!!

No more 5K until The Azalea Trail Run because I really want to focus on half marathons. I plan to sit down after the Holidays and lay out a 2012 schedule of half marathons I plan to run so I can allow for training and breaks! My first will of course me the New Orleans Rock n Roll on March 4th!!!!
My husband, son, and I did stay longer then everyone else and looked at the planes and ship so we made our own fun! Thanks so much for stopping by today!
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