My Favorite 5K As Far As Outfits and Theme!

I want to share photos from a recent 5K Jungle Bell Holiday run that I participated in. I really enjoyed this run for three reasons. The view was pretty because of the hills involved and the neighborhood setting. I really enjoyed the outfits the people ran in......I haven't built the courage to dress up yet! The final reason was the after party. The food and music were great.

My son ran in this one with me and did a great job keeping up with me or maybe I should say I did a great job keeping up with him! This was the only race where I could not match myself up with someone to pace myself with. There were so many hills involved that everyone was just every where. I stated in previous post that there is no such thing as a "bad run" so my lesson learned in this event was no matter what my surroundings are I must keep my focus straight ahead and in my own settings. My focus must stay on the end result which is to cross the finish line. As you can see from the photos it was such a fun time!

Hope you enjoyed todays post!


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