My 21 Challenge to Form a Habit

I read that 21 days make a habit so …..

I recently read an article that shared it takes 21 days to make a habit so I am putting this to the test starting today.

Today I am starting my 21 day challenge. To fit in a workout everyday of the week and on my off day it will still consist of a brisk 3 mile walk. I would like to fit a handful of my workouts early in the morning but if time requires it will be done in the evening which is still a win for me! There will be some days that I fit a small morning workout in with a heavy calorie burn in the evening.

The good thing about working out in the morning:
  • To get my metabolism going first thing.
  • To feel those endorphins all day long. It’s a great feeling to know you started your day off burning several hundred calories.
  • To get the workout out of the way so it's not hanging over me all day. Some days I love an evening workout and sometime it’s the only free time.  
  • To help me eat better (I've always found great results when I work out because then for the next 24 hours I don’t want to zero it out by eating badly.)
How I'm planning ahead to make this happen:
  • Go to bed at a good hour to allow for 7-8 hours of sleep.
  • If it’s a weekday and I have work I will pack my gym bag, work clothes, and lunch the night before. I find this makes a world of difference for me.
  • If it’s the weekend I find it helps so much to still lay out my workout clothes so they are looking at me as I start to plan my day. Also the night before I make sure I have the right food items to plan my meals for the day. I find this helps not open the door for me to snack. I'm not one that eats a large meal all at once, I’m the person that would snack during the day. If my meals are planned the night before I know and have a clear plan.  
Part of my workouts will be running at the park, the track, and the Mellow Milers. The Mellow Milers will be my 5k weekly run that I test for any improvement on time. The track is my core, hills, and speed drills that I will do once a week. Sunday will be my long run day. I will have weight lifting at the gym a few times a week.
 I am mixing it up by adding Zumba classes. I’m actually hitting a Zumba class this evening. Olivia Garrett teaches an awesome class. Maybe I can grab a couple of pictures to share with you! I also want to fit in yoga to help on my core strengthening.
I might add that this challenge is on top of working 50 hour weeks, husband, son and daughter with school activities and home work. Cooking, cleaning, and life! I can so do this!!!! We recently took a family vacation in the mountains that focused around hiking and getting out and doing. That’s how I am going to look at this 21 day challenge with the end result helping turn everyday into a workout day without a 2nd thought. I have to share one of my favorite pictures that was taken after we had a healthy picnic and a day of hiking.

After a day of hiking and calorie burning activities we would return to the room and head out for dinner. You felt so great you only wanted to eat the best. Good protein, vegetables, and salad. It was so easy to say no to the fresh baked bread. This is how I want to feel everyday, ready to say no to bread!!

I would love to hear what new workout plans you have!

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