Christmas Eve 4 Miles

Went for a Christmas Eve run.............

I went to the track today to try out my new shoes and work on speed drills. Today was a good example of why every week can not be a holiday week. This was a hard run due to stops yesterday at  O'Charleys for a cheeseburger during an afternoon of shopping with my husband and then later two regular sodas which I haven't had in over a year. This week I have said multiple times I am back to training hard after Christmas.................so that's one more day!!!

The weather was great and another example of why layers are so important in Mobile. I have learned that 45 or below I need to run in a light jacket on top of my shirt. I like the half zip Champion jacket/shirt. In 50-60 degrees within the first mile or two my jacket is being tied around my waste. With 60 degrees and warmer its shorts and short sleeves for me.

It was my lucky day on the track today because the girls track team members were practicing. I felt like I had a private coaching session. I saw their warm up and learned some new warm up tools. Their coach was standing on the side calling out times and telling them to either speed up or giving a tip. My favorite was one of the girls that was practicing core, hills, and speed drills. To think I would take these three different techniques and make three different days out of them. This is going on my new "after the holidays list."

One of the best things about running is after a hard run it helps remind you that food is fuel so for at least the next 24 hours it helps me stay on "track" and eat the right things. I can tell the longer I go without running the greater my chances are to snack. Also when you run you can tell if you used the right fuel to help you run.

A very Merry Christmas to each of you!
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