October Fall Halloween Themed Table Setting

Hello Friends!

I am so excited to share my October Fall Table with you! This year I am loving everything black and white buffalo check print. Everything really came together with the addition of my new Target bowls. I love all of the stripes, polka dots, and plaid print!

I also went to the At Home Store and picked up the small salad plates to add more layers to each place setting. This size plate is the perfect way to add volume to your table. 

The orange dinner plate is from The Dollar Tree and is the perfect shade of orange. I placed a black charger as the base which tied everything together. 

My coffee bar is also in the black and white theme and the pumpkins are the perfect addition. I was so excited when I picked these up last year after Halloween for 75% off! 

The orange colors are the perfect match! 

I am so pleased with the bowls that Target offered this year. They did such a great job with the stripes and gold rim which dressed them up. Did you pick any of these up?

My mom not only did an amazing job making my table runner but she also found the two pumpkins which worked out great! 

I love my pumpkin centerpiece that I found two years ago at Hobby Lobby and to make him look a little different I added a bow. Remember this tip for times you want to keep something but also give it a new look!

I think these two little guys are my favorite. I love everything about them and my favorite thing about October is bringing them back out! 

Circles, stripes, and dots................Oh My! 

I am so excited every time I get to go in our Dining Room and see this years table! 

It's all just so cute together! 

I put together a video so you can walk through and see a better look. Come along now and see what you think! 

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The Holiday's Are Coming So Its Time For A Dining Room Hutch Organization

Hello Friends! 

I recently shared a video on my YouTune channel on the steps I took cleaning out my hutch in my Dining Room. I thought I should also share some tips here on my blog because the Holidays are right around the corner and if everything is organized then entertaining will be so much easier. 

This hutch is one of my favorite pieces that Eddie and I picked out. We both absolutely love everything about it. I recently updated the lamps and love the pair I found at HomeGoods. The gold and acrylic look amazing with the black shades. 

When looking for a dining room hutch make sure it has plenty of storage and that is one feature I love about this one. There are nine drawers in total and my entertaining pieces fit perfectly. 

Its important to me that I do not have to search each drawer trying to remember what I have placed in each one. I made it a goal to keep square pans and dishes together along with circle style dishes together. This makes entertaining so much easier on me. 

Above you will see that I included a video of the drawer clean out so you can see my process. I am sure you will find it helpful and you can walk away with ideas to use on for your home. 

Now let's talk about the top three drawers. It's very important to keep this area organized also. I must admit I am very pleased with how they turned out. Just purchasing a few simple storage pieces can make a huge difference. 

One key is to make sure you set up your area so you can group all of the same pieces together. It doesn't work if you have to search for each piece so make things easy on yourself. 

I also made sure I took time to take everything out of the drawers and purge the items that I did not need. This allowed me to have the proper space to put the items I do use together. 

I love that I now have a space for the little items like appetizer picks. When I am having a get-together and serving something like cheese squares I can easily pull them right out. 

Just seeing them organized like this makes me want to entertain and have a party today! 

Below you will find the video I put together sharing how I organized the top section of the cabinet. Again this one is also full of great tips to help you get your cabinets ready for the Holidays! 

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A Look At Our Trip To Atlanta and Fun Filled Weekend

Hello Friends!

I am so happy that Fall is here! This means that we can pull out the pumpkins from white to orange to the beautiful tinted blue pumpkins. 

I am not one for pumpkin spice everything which includes all the specialty foods or drinks. Although I am not a fan of those, I sure do love seeing everyone else talk about their fun pumpkin spice finds. 

I am shocked with how many items companies can put a pumpkin spice spin on. There even is pumpkin spice deodorant, how crazy!

I thought it would be fun to share a handful of pictures from our Atlanta Birthday Trip that we just came back from. Dallas turned 23 years old so we made a fun weekend of it! 

We had our "to-do" list set as Dallas is the planner of the bunch. On the top of the list, I was determined to find my latte art! Dallas researched the best places in Atlanta for us to visit. From there, we decided to make a stop at A Thousand Hills Coffee Company. 

Of course, we bought coffee which I will show you below! 

The first thing that catches your eye when you walk in is their homemade pies and other delicious baked goods. I bought a piece of lemon pie for my Eddie. Fun fact about Eddie, he loves lemon everything. So people enjoy pumpkin spice, but my Eddie loves lemon!

Okay, drumroll needed, here is my latte art! I was beyond excited about this Instagram moment. The best part was not only amazing the photos looked but how delicious it was! 

The barista did a beautiful job. I actually love the picture below with my cup and Eddie's cup, that I had a print made to put in my photo scrapbook with my Felicity Jane papers. How sweet is that! 

I have to tell you... I have the most amazing family because they know how much I love sharing on my Youtube channel and Blog. 

They just go along and are so happy as they do. From hunting down coffee shops to being filmed in public, they are always willing to participate. 

After coffee, we went shopping!ZGallery was our first stop. Would you look at how pretty these glasses are?  Yes,  I would love to see them on my table. 

I will have to watch for these zebra vases to go on clearance. They would be perfect next to my jewelry tray in my dressing area Fingers crossed, the small one is still available. 

Here is a funny story for you all! 
We walked by the Louis Vuitton store and Eddie asked me if I wanted to go in and I didn't go. He said that "I must have had a fever." 
Why did I not go in? It means I still have extra money for HomeGoods! 

Next, it was time for lunch. We took my parents to see Bartaco since we seem to go every single time we are in Atlanta. We have now been to all three locations! 

We picked several different types of tacos so everyone could try a little of everything. There was everything from Baja fish, portabello, shrimp to duck!

My Trey man is so handsome! We had so much fun sitting next to each other at lunch!

Later that night, we went to dinner at JCT Kitchen. This was Dallas' choice for her birthday dinner. I must say it was a delicious choice. 

This picture is dark, but it gives you a little idea of the restaurant. 

I love the vibe of the chairs mixed with sofa style benches. There are also long drapes in the center that gives it a romantic feeling. I wish I would have been able to give you a better look but the lighting was very low as it was dinner time. 

Dallas said we had to try the Truffle Parmesan fries. I understand why after tasting them. They were so delicious! 

I loved the Farmhouse Style dishcloth instead of your standard restaurant napkin. It all just came together from the mix of stainless steel tables to the long romantic drapes in the center of the resturant to break up the different sides of the room. 

The birthday girl had steak with a half serving of mac and cheese and garlic green beans. 

My dad had the complete fish which had a fancier name, but you get the idea. I don't know if I could have had a complete fish on my plate, but he enjoyed it. 

I decided to order the fried chicken. Dallas told me that they are known for this meal. It was absolutely delicious. I definitely had leftovers which meant more to enjoy later on! The Mexican street corn was a perfect side. 

Now on to dessert, I was only able to eat about three bites as I was full from the fried chicken dinner. This coconut cream cake was worth every bite. 

Trey had the raspberry sherbert. He really enjoyed it. 

They brought out the most delicious dessert for Dallas that I have ever had. I actually can't wait to go back and order this for myself. It was basicially a giant peanut butter cup similar to a Reeses cup!

We had such a great time throughout the dinner. Dallas did a great job finding a great location for us to celebrate this special day with her. 

This has to be my favorite picture from the weekend. The moment just before she made her special wish as she brought in her 23rd Birthday. I am going to have this picture enlarged and purchase matching frames for us! 

I hope you had the chance to check out our videos from the weekend that we spent in Atlanta. Also be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you never miss out on all the fun! 

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