Easter Table Tour For My Dining Room

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One of my favorite things to do is to decorate for upcoming holidays and make my home feel warm and inviting for my family and friends. I love to entertain and welcome them into my home. I want them to feel that my home is their home. 

Easter is one of my favorite holidays most importantly for the reason. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to celebrate my Lord and how he is blessed us. I also love the sweet bunnies and pops of colors. 

I am sure you can see why I felt this was perfect to give this table setting a theme and call it Bunnies In the Garden. I love all the soft touches of color and the sweet bunnies. 

I share all the details on my YouTube Channel and you can learn where I purchased each piece. I have to mention these little topiary trees because I recently purchased them from Party City. They were only $1.99 each and are actually made to hold name labels. 

The chargers were purchased two years ago at Michaels and I love the pedal look. They had several colors from pink, yellow, and the green that I purchased. I believe they were also $1.99 each which is amazing to me. These would also be really cute for a little girls birthday party. 

I can't wait for you to see the video tour that I have put together below. Be sure to subscribe because I have so many fun videos to come from fashion, home decor, and travel! You can also visit my playlist and find the type of video that fits your style. 

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Blue Polka Dot Summer Skirt From Loft

Hello friends and welcome to my Blog! 

I wish I could explain how amazing the weather has been this weekend due to a small cold front that moved in out of nowhere. I could take a blanket and lay in the grass for hours. That is if only my to-do list wasn't so long with several tasks that really need to be completed. 

I am loving so many of the Spring skirts that Loft has out in their recent collect. This navy polka dot is so feminine with the little extra ruffle that starts midway down on the fabric. It's a soft touch and the placement is perfect that still allows you to not put extra fabric on your hips and the are you want to have look thinner. 

I have added a few new skirts to my collection and I really am enjoying wearing them. Several of you have asked if I wear tights are pantry hose with mine and I have to be honest that I don't. It's just too hot here in the Summer for anything extra on my legs. I will sometimes use a tanning cream to add a little color to my skin but that's all. Here is a look at this skirt along with a few others you might love to add to your collection.

I also recently shared a video on my Youtube channel with outfit ideas for the office. You can find it below. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss out on this series that I post weekly. 

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Weekly Work Outfit Ideas for the Office

Hello friends and welcome to my Blog! 

Here we go with a few more style ideas for the week at the office. I took most of these pictures just before I had my hair cut for a new Summer style. I always seem to hit this length and then find the heat and humidity here is just too much for me and I go with a short cut to make things so much easier. 

I love this new dress which is only available online with Loft. It's the perfect length and I love the fit. It's very comfortable for the office and I could wear it for hours. I am sharing the details below along with a few other ideas to add to your collection.

I recently added this new white blazer and its the perfect addition because it pairs with so many tops for that professional look. It's great to pair with different tops and shells and you easily accomplish a different look. Below are the details of each piece I am wearing.

This purse has to be one of my new favorite finds and I love everything about it. My favorite part is the bee clasp and the stones that cover it. Its really well made and takes your office outfit straight to an evening outfit or its just fun for the weekend. You can find the details HERE

I love when I get to visit my hair salon and get a new fresh cut and blow out. I am very pleased with the way my hair turned out and looking forward to staying a little cooler in the Summer. 

I love the look of these striped pants and most importantly is how comfortable they are. I wore them to this office and I also plan to pack them for vacation.

I also shared a look at this week on my Youtube channel. Be sure to Subscribe so you never miss out on the fun and ideas. 

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