Weekly Fashion Ideas for Women Over 40

Hello and welcome to my Blog friends! I hope you have all had a great start to your week. Mine has been very busy but productive. Eddie and I went to see the best movie last night. Rachel Hollis is a YouTuber and author and she has a documentary which shares her recent two-day seminar and its called, Made for More. Oh, it was amazing! They only offered two showings in my City so keep an eye out for this on Netflix because hopefully it will be released!

You will hear much more about this in an upcoming video as I bring you along with Eddie and I when we went to see it. 

Now let's talk about a little fashion! This weekend we went out for lunch and I wore this cute outfit that I found on sale at The Loft for $7.95. I know its still on sale but I am not sure of the price at the time you look but I will have it linked below for you. 

Workday Style 

Here is a very comfortable outfit for the office that is perfect for Summer. Its so hot outside but when you get in the office you will freeze so wearing layers is great. This cardigan was on sale for $10 at the time I purchased it. The shirt and pants were also on sale and everything is listed below. I love that I have been able to wear this yellow top in several different ways.

I hope you have had the opportunity to check out one of my recent videos from my YouTube channel. I love sharing and having fun with each one of you so I hope you will subscribe and follow along. 

See you in the next post friends! 


Sunday Motivational Thought - The Power of Prayer

Welcome to this weeks Sunday Motivation Thought.

21 Day of Prayers 

This week my church announced it is coming together and focusing on what you and your family are praying for together. It hit me once again like it did several years ago that my family is each walking our walk of faith but its time to bring it in on the same path. 

Eddie has his daily devotional that he practices every morning and I have mine. Trey attends a private school where prayer and church service is practiced daily. Eddie prays during the day and I pray throughout the day BUT.....what is our 21 Day of Prayer going to be.

I want us as a family to come together and list the items we want to pray over as a family unit for each other. I want to prayer for BIG things we expect to happen as a family. I want to know what vision we have for our family. I want us to come together and expect GREAT things from our God! The bible says that God wants us to look to Him for great things and He wants to deliver them. 

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

An example of my idea of coming together as a family unit is .......Your family wants to go on a family vacation but your son wants to go on a 15 day trip to Disney World, You want a 7-night cruise, and your husband wants three nights at the beach. As a family group, you need to all be on the same page and pray for the same goal. If you are all placing your energy and prayer in so many different directions I just don't think you will get the same results. Make it powerful and come together as a family unit. 

Next- is there anything you are too scared to write on your list because you think it's too big for God? Maybe you know He can deliver it but do you are wondering if deserve it? Don't be afraid and just ask Him!! 

If he wants you to have that something in your life He will point you in the right direction and prepare you with the right tools and knowledge.

So today take time for your list and layout what GREAT expectations you have for your life and your family. God wants to deliver GREAT things for you! 

Be sure to leave me a comment if this spoke to your heart. Is this something that you need to do in your life?

See you in the next post friends!


Unboxing Entertaining With Beth Monthly Box Plus Video

Welcome to my blog friends! 

I had so much fun opening up the Entertaining With Beth Subscription Box and finding all the great goodies that I know I will use and love. 

Above is the video where I share a look at each item as I open my box. I am also giving you a look at each item and the link where you can find them. 

This is such a great grocery tote what allows you to freeze the ice plates that are located in the liner of the bag. You can find it HERE or HERE

Set of four glasses named after the beautiful town of Amalfi on Italy's Mediterranean coastline, Duralex's Amalfi tumbler is both classic and ornately styled for the most discriminating gourmet. Perfect for those of us who desire elegance along with utility, the Amalfi tumbler is made from a tempered glass that is dishwasher safe, freezer safe and microwave safe, lightweight, impact and chip resistant. Amalfi tumblers are suitable for both hot and cold beverages. You can find these glasses HERE

Klikel Conway Square Glass Water Bottles

These are the perfect bottles to serve everything from Orange Juice to water in when you have a special guest over or when you want to feel special on a normal day! You can find them HERE.

Entertaining with Caspari Silk Road Toile Salad/Dessert Plates, Blue, 

All I can say is I love everything about these plates. They are perfect for entertaining any time of the year. I am so excited to know about this company and I can not wait to purchase more items from them. You can find them HERE

How fun is it going to be to pull these out instead of plastic silverware at your next picnic or outdoor entertaining? You can find them HERE

Be sure to check out the video listed above to see an up-close look at all the fun items that come in this months box! You can hope over to Beth's Blog for more details- Beth's Blog

See you in my next post friends and be sure to 

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Sunday's Motivational Thoughts

Sunday's Motivational Thoughts 

As I get older I always think about what I wish someone would have shared with me when I was younger and at different phases of life. This isn't because of regrets but since I have a daughter that will soon be 24 years old and lives on her own in a different state I think it stays on my mind more often now. 

I love that my daughter really does want to hear my thoughts and opinions. It means the world to me when she calls and wants to know my thoughts on how she should handle something. She likes to run things by me to see how I would handle something but she knows I understand in the end its her decision and I am going to respect that. 

I am going to share one piece of advice with her and this would be something other than the obvious which is to stay in the Word daily and continue your relationship with The Lord. I would tell her that Every Moment Matters. Do not spend a minute of your time worrying about what others think of you because its precious time wasted. Do not let what other people think hold you back from going forward. Trust what the Lord puts on your heart and go for it. 

Do you know how scary it was to start a YouTube Channel and a Blog knowing that your friends, family, and co-works might see it. I had to trust in the Lord that I was doing this because it was going to help make a difference for others. 

I have had so many people write me and share how my videos have made a difference with issues they are going through from depression and anxiety. If I would have let the fear of someone laughing at me hold me back then I would have never been able to make a difference in someones life! 

You should be the very best you can be and just shine. Take in every minute and feel the moment! Dont worry about what other people think because it they are judging you they are not helping you! 

You are a shinning star! 

Have a blessed week friends and go after what has been placed on your heart!

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