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So this week I went with stripes and I love the look of this sweater. The scarf buttons on the back of the sweater and you can remove it if you would prefer to go without it. I love how the stripes play together and gives it a fun look. 

I was so excited to wear the new jacket that I picked up in the Spring of this year from Ann Taylor when they put several of their winter items on sale. I was so excited to see the price that they marked it down to and I grabbed it as fast as I could! I have no problem with wearing "last seasons fashions!" Is there really such a thing because next, you hear its vintage! 

This could be something you used as your weather jacket but I am using it as a jacket I wear in the office and more like a blazer style. I love the look and so many people stopped me during the day to let me know how much they also loved it. 

I loved this sweater the minute I saw The Loft share it but it went fast! It was one of those sweaters that everyone was posting on Instagram. That really was not the reason I wanted it but I knew that was what would cause it to be hard to get my hands on. I loved the idea of taking this on upcoming vacations with me like a cruise. Its perfect for a cruise! 

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Our Yearly Photo Tradition For 2018

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This past weekend we went out to take a picture that we have recreated for the past five years. This all started because Trey had a school project and had to find a historical monument. On our way there we had to cross over a set of RR tracks. As we were quickly crossing I said, "Hey guys look." I snapped the picture without staging it and it turned out to be one of my favorite pictures of all times. 

Now we go back every year and recreate it! I am sure many of you have seen the previous post from each year. So let's take a look at what we took this year. 

Above is 2018 

Above is 2013 when we took our first picture.

This year we took Binx with us and let him be part of the picture. I wish we had brought him in the past but at least we have today! 

Mr. Binx was trying to give kisses instead of smiling for the camera. He loves his brother!!! 

Now that's better because he is looking in the right direction which is almost at the camera. 

Above is our 2018 photo together 

Above is our 2017 photo. 

This picture really sums up my life. I am wrapped up in Eddie's love but as the tracks show behind its endless and full of possibilities! I know......very cheesy but I am in love so what can I say! 

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Fashion Over 40 For The Week To Help Give You Ideas

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I love that it has cooled off and we can bring out our sweaters. I am down in the South and it felt like it took forever for us to reach this point but its here so let's make the most of it! 

I love the look of this stone jeweled necklace paired with my new navy sweater from The Loft. The stones really bounce off of the blue background. Its one of those pieces I received as a gift years ago and I just love it. A piece like this works great for a special occasion when you pair it with a beautiful dress or wear it as I am here to the office. 

The sweater is one of those items you see on the clearance rack and you just hope it will be your size. You rush over to it and then to your surprise you find out that it was made for you! 

This is my Barefoot Dreams Cardigan that I order from QVC. You can find it HERE. This sweater is amazing and is so cozy. I love how you can dress it up with black pants for the office and dress it down for the weekend to go holiday shopping! 

I can already tell you that this will be my go-to outfit this winter. I am excited to bring it with me on my upcoming trip to Atlanta when I go to visit Dallas. 

Let's also talk about the shoes! They are so comfortable and I ordered them from Target. I actually put the blue and pink pair on my Christmas list because I love them so much. You can find them HERE

I have also been able to wear these to work and then for a weekend style. I really can not believe how comfy they are and hope that Santa brings them to me in every color! 

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