Tips for a Successful School Year With Your Kids

Tips for a Successful School Year

Tip #1

Start the year off by reserving 45 minutes to sit down and load every event into your calendar. Be sure to have all of the calendars from class calendars to sports events. This year Eddie took the time to load everything into the Microsoft calendar and then send me an invite, so it automatically loaded on my calendar. By loading it before hand, this allows us to both be on the same page at all times. 

If your style is using a paper planner, you can still accomplish this by taking the time to write everything down at one time. You can also set up a binder to keep in one spot in your home. 

Tip #2

Make sure you have all necessary numbers loaded on your phone. You and your spouse should have one easy place to go to for everything. Remember that you have a wide range of numbers to have on hand from doctor, dentist, eye doctor, orthodontist, and so on. There are so many numbers and names to have on hand but if you start the year of organized you will have it made. 

Some people like to keep this information in a binder, and that is fine. If you use the binder method, this would be the time to sit down and load all of your contacts. 

Tip #3

Have one spot where all school supplies are kept, and the kids can access them quickly. There should be no excuse as to why they were unable to put a new pencil or notebook in their book bag for school the next day. 

Tip #4

Right from the very start you need to lay down the rules and expectations. We have our list hanging on the refrigerator, so Trey knows right where to go if there is ever a question on playing video games during the week. Also, I have the consequences laid out which causes me to have to keep my word, and I can not be sweet-talked out of it. 

Tip #5

Have a system in place on how you will check homework. Will your child need to bring you their homework once it's completed? Do they have a time they must start by which allows them time to get a snack? This year we expect Trey to do his homework every night, and we check the website once a week to make sure there are no zeros due to lack of turning it in. 

Tip #6

Go ahead and have a tutor in place. Once you find out you need a tutor, you are already behind. Then it takes additional time to find one and interview them to make sure it's the right fit. Also, you need to know how much they charge and if that can fit into your budget. Adding a tutor to your budget is not easy. For our middle school tutor, the price range was between $30.00-$50.00 an hour, and we did this once a week. Take that total and multiply it by four times a month which can be between $120.00 and up to $200.00 extra dollars a month AND that is just for one subject. 

Tip #7 

On Sunday sit down and come up with a plan for the week so they can take part in picking it out. There is nothing worse than having a ham sandwich every single day of the week. Let them choose when they want to by and when they want to take their lunch. 

Tip #8

Have one spot where they do their homework. We can not sit in front of the tv with the noise and expect Trey to be able to stay focuses on his work. We have a quiet spot in the dining room for Trey to work. I also share in my video additional tips on how to help with this. 

Tip #9

Know what chores they will have but remember their primary focus needs to be school. I do not give Trey many chores at all during the school year. I want good grades. I also want him to have time to be involved in extra activities to help him be a well-rounded student. 

Tip # 10

Find time to talk. Don't let life get so busy that the car ride home is silent. Also, don't have a quiet dinner. This doesn't mean they have to talk about school but find something to say so a wall doesn't develop between you. 

Tip #11

Have a good breakfast ready for them. Trey does not like to eat much in the morning, but I make sure I have something I know he enjoys. This lets him put a little something on his stomach. 

Come take a look here at some of the ideas! 

See you in my next post! 


What's a New Must Have from Target

Target has some of the cutest new dishes in stock and I picked up a few this past week. Here is all of the information with links if you see something you like. You can order it right from their site!

How cute is this white mug with black polka dots. Its the Cheeky Nola 16oz Porcelain Mug and its only $4.99. What I love about this mug other than the black dots is the size. Its perfect for soups this fall. Click the link here for site details. Link

I also picked up the Light Blue Stripe and Coral Rim bowl to use in the morning as my fruit cup. It also works great for my morning yogurt parfait. I love the sweet blue stripes. You can find this one here- link

I love this set of four miniature bowls that are part of this set. The black and white stripe is adorable. You can find it here on this link here. How cute would it be to use these together for all kind of goodies. Ice cream toppings, Taco Night with all the fixings, and so many more ideas! 

These are the cutest to-go cups that come 10 in a pack. I just love these for the mornings you are in a rush and want to get out the door. Make your morning drink and go in style and best of all they are only $3.99! You can find them here- link

These are the perfect cups for parties. You get 24 designed cups with details below. Best of all they are $2.99 for the pack. 

• 24 designlovefest for Cheeky plastic cups
• Buy one pack and Cheeky will give one meal*
• Recyclable and BPA Free
• Made in the U.S. 
• Holds 16 oz, 473 mL
• Limited-time only
• Only at Target
  • Package Quantity: 24

Cheeky 9" Paper Plates - designlovefest for Cheeky, Light Pink Polka Dot (44 ct)


designlovefest and Cheeky® are teaming up on a fun limited-edition collection to help end hunger. Add a little fun to an everyday lunch or dinner with designlovefest for Cheeky 9” paper plates. The plates have a light pink polka dot print. With every pack you buy, Cheeky will help provide a meal to someone right here in the U.S. through our partnership with Feeding America®. Make every day a designlovefest. designlovefest for Cheeky.

Cheeky® 16 oz. Paper To-Go Hot Cups - Blue and Orange Moroccan Tile - 10 count
You can find these here- link

• 10 Cheeky coffee cups, sleeves & lids
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• Cups and sleeves, made of paper
• Lids, made of plastic
• Made in the U.S. 
• Holds 16 oz., 473 mL
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Everything is so cute and I love this collection. Many of these items are for a limited time offer only so grab yours today! 


Tips for Multiple Ways to Use Vinegar In Your Home

Vinegar took me a while to get over the smell of but as soon as I saw the amazing benefits I was hooked. I love the idea of having one bottle that has so many different ways to use it. 

Tip #1
Use a cup of vinegar with your towels. Its amazing how it will pull out any odors. Your towels will come out smelling fresh and like they were just purchased. 

Tip #2
Jet Tubs
We do not use our jets in our master bathroom tub very often and I find it can have build up that can cause odors. I fill the tub up with just enough water to cover the jets and I put in one cup of vinegar. I run the jets for 5 minutes and allow them to have a good clean out. 

Tip #3
I use vinegar in my mop water to give my bathroom floor a deep cleaning. I like to use this because it cuts through any build up of dust and odor. Sometimes I will go back over it with Mr. Clean disinfecting solution to also kill germs. You don't have to mop twice but I want to make sure its really clean. 

Tip #4
If you cook something in your kitchen that leaves a strong odor just sit a bowl of vinegar on the counter over night and it will actually absorb the order. Pour it out in the morning and by the time you come home the cooking odor and the smell of vinegar will be gone. Light a nice fresh candle and you are set. The extra benefit to this is when you are finished and you pour it down the sink it cuts out any odors in the drain. Its a two for one tip!

Tip #5
The microwave can be one of the hardest appliances to clean but here is a tip to help. Create a vinegar steam bath by placing a bowl of one part water and one part vinegar and cooking it in 1 minute cycles to help loosen the stuck on items. 

Tip #6
If you have an odor that has built up in your refrigerator you can do one of two things. You can sit a bowl of vinegar on the shelf and leave it one night. It will absorb the odor and the next morning you are ready to start fresh. You can also wipe out the shelves to help clean it. 

Tip #7
Potty Training is always a hard task as there are little spots that will sometimes not even show up. Its always a great idea to mop around the toilet more than usual but also keep a little bottle to spray it down and wipe it. Cuts right through the smell. 

Tip #8
I love to clean my mirrors with 1 part water and 1 part vinegar. 

Tip #9
A great way to get strong food odors off of your hands is to wash them with vinegar. Then I just follow up with a nice scented soap. Don't get me wrong this is not something I do daily but only when I really need after cooking with things like seafood. 

Tip #10
My final tip is to wipe your scissor blades down with vinegar to remove any sticky yucky things that come from who knows where. This will help them not rust like normal soap and water. 

Hope you enjoyed these tips and I will see you next time! 


Bows, Ribbons and That Special Touch DIY

I love all things pretty and I would never think of bringing something to an event, party, or meeting in a simple way. Take a look at how I took a Dollar Tree Tray and made it into a pretty platter to serve treats on during a business meeting. I also took this ice tub that I picked up on clearance from Target for $3.88 this past week. I found one online that looks like this one that you can see here- Ice Bin.

I love how it only took a hot glue gun, ribbon, and a plate from the Dollar Trey to create this cute serving tray for my meeting. Be sure to watch the video link below to see the step by step direction how to make this. Here is a link to black and white striped ribbon like mine- Ribbon

I went with a black and white theme but you could go with color. If this was going to sit out by the pool I would go with bright bold colors. If it was Christmas of course you know I would go with green and red! 

Here is how the water bin looked just before I walked into my meeting. I had it filled with ice and chilled waters. It was a hit for that type of meeting that runs over into lunch time. You can find bottled water here- Water

The snack tray was adorable and was the extra special touch I wanted. I love the way the black and white polka dots and stripes play off of each other. You can use any type of granola bar like these- Bars

This will be my way I would bring in special treats every week to a my meeting. So cute! 

It really is very easy to put that special touch on everything you do! Best of all is how it can always be done within a budget. 

Come along and take a look at this tutorial video on how I put these together. You can also see how they look just before walking into my meetings. 

See you in my  next post! 


Nightstand Organization Tips

It's the last place you go to at the end of the day - your bed! 

It's important how you spend that last little bit before you head off to sleep! Having an organized nightstand is important - whether you have a small or large one. Also it doesn't matter the size of your home or bedroom. Your nightstand is there to help you have the most important things next to you before going off to sleep. I want to share my tips for getting your nightstand organized so you can have a a great night of sleep. 

My nightstand has always been an area that I make sure I keep clean and organized. There is something about resting with no clutter around me that helps me sleep better. I know this will help you also. 

First step is to remove everything from your nightstand and lay it out where you can see it. Take a look at each item and see if it really serves a purpose sitting in your nightstand or did you just toss it in there because you aren't sure where else to put it. 

If thats the case its time to toss it or give it a new home. Remember that your night stand has the primary purpose of storing items that you need during the night. 

Take time to really think about what you want to put back in the drawer.  There is no judgement when I say this but its not a storage unit. No matter the size of your home and bedroom we can come up with better ways to store items. 

Also think about what you put on the top of your night stand. I love to have a candle on my nightstand that I can light just before I take a hot bath after a full day at work. I have one small trinket item on the top because I really enjoy looking at it each day. I try to keep as much clutter off as possible. 

I hope all of these tips have helped you and please leave a comment below and let me know if you take on this challenge. Lets have your nightstand look amazing! 

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Hotel Room Tour at the Amazing Grand Bohemian Hotel

I just returned from a business trip and the hotel we stayed in has to be my new all time favorite. We stayed at the Grand Bohemian in Mountain Brook, Alabama. I can not wait to bring Eddie back for a weekend getaway very soon. Come take a look at everything this hotel has to offer which I will be sharing in my next few post but today lets look at the hotel room itself. 

The minute you walk into the lobby you are amazed with the set up and the candles they have burning smell amazing and fill the room. I almost could not finish checking in because I wanted to photograph everything and take it in. 

When I walked into the room I immediately saw the bathroom to my left and it says everything girly and amazing. From the very light pink color on one accent wall and then the amazing mirror and vanity set up. It was just beautiful. 

The shower is a walk in and made from stone. I love the glass door and its really a room to itself. 

In the hall right outside of the bathroom is a large beautiful tall mirror. Also there is a beautiful light fixture which is just another way the hotel paid attention to every detail. It reminds me of a large flower. 

The room has two very large pieces of art that bring out the green and purple color scheme. Again they add that extra touch to detail with the art style lamp over it to help feature the artwork. I love the gold frame on each picture. 

The white bedding really allows the purple headboard and art work to pop. I love the idea of white bedding in a room because you can change the color theme easily with different and new pillows. I actually plan to put white bedding in one of my guest bedrooms that I am making over. 

Butterflies are a theme in the hotel as you an see from this picture and also are on the carpet in the hallway leading to each room. 

Here is a look at one of the very cool light feature that is located between the two beds in the room. Its a chain and has such a very edgy look and I love it. 

This has to be my new favorite must have item I want. Its a light built into the headboard that folds out and allows you more light to read with in bed. I love this and can not believe I have not seen something like this before. I have been doing some research online and have found that I could have a very classic light added to my current wood headboard and I might do this. I really need more light in bed to see better at night. 

The sitting corner in the room was beautiful and one of the highlights of the room. I never thought about using purple and green together the way they did in the hotel and I am now such a fan. Don't get me wrong, I am not going to make my entire house purple and green but this would be so much fun in a guest bedroom. 

I love the idea of the pop of green from the lamp to help bring out the color scheme. It really helped pull it all together. 

When we came in the room they had this amazing CD playing and you can actually purchase it. I love it! It was so calming and every time I came back to the room to rest or freshen up I always went right to the music and turned it on. I loved it. 

If you have followed me for any amount of time I am sure you know that I love a coffee bar and wow this is the best coffee bar I have had in any hotel rom. All I can say is, " YES please." This made morning coffee so much better. 

Every door in the hotel hall is purple and I love it. It just felt so rich and amazing. You should see how every door just popped as you walked down the hallway which was also filled with art work. 

The hallway is filled with artwork that you could also purchase. I just absolutely love the vibe and feeling of this hotel room. I can not wait for you to see the rest of the hotel in my next few post. Be sure to come back tomorrow for my next post! 

Be sure to watch the video above to see a tour of everything and a look into my visit. I just know you will love it!

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