My Haul from the Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Collection From Target

Welcome to my Blog and I can't wait to share a few items that I picked up from the new Hearth and Hand Collection from Target. 

The pieces are perfect for any style or design you might have in your kitchen. They are unique but I have to say my favorite item from the collection is my new everyday tote. I made sure I picked up all of the accessories to go with it and they match perfectly. You can see more details in the video below. 

You can find the link for each item below along with a few of my other favorite items from the collection. The link to the plates is here

The towels are perfect to sit out and add and enjoy the holidays with and while guest are in your home. The towels can be found here
I am really excited about these two new additions to my kitchen. I can just grab a pinch of this and a pinch of that when I need to add it to a dish. I love cooking in the fall and these are great. Here is a link. Salt 

This pitcher has a great style and look and I love the two-tone color of brown and black. Pitcher

These are the most stylish industrial napkin rings and I love the silver and gold mixed metal concept they used. Rings

Here are a few other items that I like from the collection. 

Here is a look at the items I picked up and you can see in the video for more details. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss out on new and fun ideas. 

Hope you enjoyed!


My Fall and Thanksgiving Table Tour

Welcome back to my blog and I am excited to share my 2017 Fall Thanksgiving Table with you! This year I wanted to do something a little different than my normal color scheme of orange, burgundy, and green. I must tell you that I love everything about the black and white! 

The table runner is one that my mother made but I am going to put a link here to some that are like it. Table Runner like mine HERE. Remember that you can also take a table cloth and fold it to fit as a table runner. Here is a link to one that might work for you HERE.

I am very pleased with how the look is simple but elegant. I found the napkins on Amazon and I am also sharing a link to a few here to help you find them. HERE   HERE

I picked up the black and white pitchers from the Bullseye Spot at Target about 3 years ago and they are a perfect fit for this years table setting. This is one of those finds that I am so glad I did not pass up and I picked up three of them because they are perfect for several areas of your home. 

Its funny that almost all of my table pieces are from Target. This year my new addition were the small cloth pumpkins. I wish I would have searched for more because I would have placed them all of my home. I added the black and white ribbon on them that I picked up from Hobby Lobby which I think really gave them a soft warm touch. 

I picked up the rattan chargers from Dollar General on clearance for $1.50 each and I love them. Thank you again to Whitney for mentioning them in her video. You can find some like them but not exact on Amazon - HERE These seem to make it back in stores each Summer so just keep an eye out next season. 

I found the black and white buffalo pumpkins at Target this year for $5.00 each. They are the perfect addition to the table and I have also used them on my bar cart. Don't be afraid to mix patterns like I did because they all play together perfectly. 

Doesn't this just say, "Welcome to my home for the holidays!" I am really happy with the end result. 

 I hope you enjoyed a look at my dining room and I have a video walk through below so you can enjoy a more in person look! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss out! 

Be sure to also follow me on Instagram so you can follow along as I share ideas and inspiration! 

See you in the next friends! 



My First Visit to Sugarfina In Atlanta

I recently had the chance to visit a Sugarfina Store on my recent trip to Atlanta. Dallas and I had a lot of fun looking at everything they had to offer. The set up was so pretty and if I owned a candy store this is what it would look like!

I loved everything about Sugarfina from the color scheme to the beautiful displays of candy.

Everyone knows I love pineapples and these were just so cute. I love how they pay attention to every detail from the packaging all the way down to the design of the candy. The flavors are very yummy also.

The set up is very pretty and allows you the chance to see everything and read the descriptions of the flavors. These are perfect to give as a little gift or hand out after a party in your home.

Above you will see the Champagne Bears. They were sweet and full of flavor. I could see these as a gift handed out at a wedding as your guest are leaving.

Need a bridal shower party favor, bachelorette party sweets, reception favors or a treat for your getting-ready suite? Gift your pals (and yourself) with the Bento Box, filled with all of the different gummies. Or maybe you just need an excuse to consume your favorite cocktail in candy form!

Above are the Rose All Day wine gummies. They are just so pretty! With an infusion of Rosé wine in every bite, this is their newest rosette-shaped gummies and are the perfect treat for any Rosé lover.

You can also design your own Happy Birthday Bento Box and fill it with what ever your heart desires. They are available in several different sizes and price ranges.

Its a complete Candy Bento corner! I think this is such a fun gift idea. You can purchase these in their store or online and have it shipped.

I also love the fact that we could purchase these small bags to get an idea of what each one taste like instead of purchasing the large box. I believe these were 4 bags for $10.00.

Calling all candy lovers out there........this place is for you!

How cute is our package of yummy treats! I love the special touch they gave with wrapping it!

Have an awesome week and see you in the next post!
Mrs. Erica


Guest Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Hello Friends! 

I am so excited to share my recent project where I have given my guest bathroom a makeover. I look back at the previous design and I am just not sure what I was doing with all of the busy patterns. I was trying to tie in the black and brown colors and it just seemed to get out of control.

I look back now and I'm not sure why I thought I needed to put the bench inside such a small space. It swallowed up the room. I know it offered more storage with the drawers but overall it was not a good idea. I knew this had to be one of the first items I changed in this makeover. 

  Are you ready for the new change? I am so excited to share this with you! 

Just throwing this thought out there but I might end up changing the light in the center of the room to a chandelier. What are your thoughts on that? I also might change out the dark pictures to the right with a large white farmhouse style picture. Hobby Lobby has several great pictures like what I have in mind. I might also paint the walls a lighter cream tan color to continue to brighten up the space. Be sure to leave me a comment on your thoughts of these suggestions! 

 I just love everything about this new look. It's so simple and clean which is just what I wanted. So let me jump in and start telling you about all the details. 

The floor is a peel and stick flooring from Lowes. I spent just under $40.00 and I love the look. I did run into some trouble trying to cut a few pieces. I went back up to Lowes to see if they could help me and boy was that an adventure. I am sure many of you saw this on my Instagram Stories! 

My first problem was two of the boards that I had to cut were for the front of the sink. I could not get a straight line but once my parents came over and brought a large craft cutting board it worked out great. It's important that you have a hard service for both the bottle and the top of the board to help keep it straight. 

My second issue was around the toilet. Thank goodness my parents gave up their Sunday evening to come over and fix this last part of the floor that needed to be laid out. You can see how they took care of this in the video link at the end of this post.  I share in the video an idea of the template my dad used to cute the flooring to properly fit. My dad is an engineer and my mother sews and this was the perfect match to help finish this project. 

I was so grateful they spent there Sunday evening helping me finish this project! 

Take a look below at the video tour that I have put together for you. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss out. My channel is built up of an amazing community and we love to share and chat. Each week the topics can range from home decor to simple follow me vlog style videos. There is always something for everyone!

See you in the next post! 

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