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There are three things that I hold extremely close to my heart. First is my relationship with God. Of course, the other two are there because of this one item and it definitely comes first. 

Second is my relationship with my husband and that is what I want to talk about today in this post. The third is my love and relationship with my kids but I will save that for a future post. 

I can not begin to explain how blessed I feel to be married to Eddie. He is honestly the love of my life. We have been married for almost 20 years and I pray that my kids have the opportunity to experience what Eddie and I have together. 

In today's post, I want to talk about one step that really makes a difference in your relationship and that is Encouragement. The following steps are very important in building your relationship foundation. 

1. Pray For Them Daily. 

I never let a day go by without adding a special prayer for Eddie. This can be a pray of safety since he is a Police Officer or a prayer of blessing over his day. The point is that he is always included so the Lord guides him through his day to be the best person he can be. 

Also, pray with him as you go through the everyday things that life brings. I saw a post on a church bulletin board last week that said, "Do you bring things to the Lord as fast as you bring it to Facebook?" I love this because it's a great reminder! 

2. Say "Thank You" For the Big & the Little Items. 

Eddie and I do so many little things for each other but we never do it expecting something in return. We both love how it makes the other person feel. The second part of that is I actually love telling him thank you. We both really appreciate what the other person does no matter how big or small. Even if this is a normal task the other person does daily, it's still nice to receive a thank you every now and then. 

3. Be A Listening Ear

As much as Eddie wants to fix things for me sometimes I just need him to listen to how my day went and he is so good at this. I might not want advice on how I should have handled something differently and I just want someone to hear what happened. I try to do the same for Eddie with the items he wants to discuss. If he asks for my advice I am always ready to offer it but sometimes it's nice to just have that special someone you can trust and to just listen. 

4. Speak Positive Words Directly To Them and Into Their Life

My husband and I speak to each other so much respect. We do not yell or scream because that does not get you anywhere. I am not saying that we never have disagreements but we handle them in a mature and respectful way. We simply talk it out and there is no yelling! The way I see it is I would never want or let someone yell at me outside of my marriage so why would I want to have a screaming match with my husband? 

The second part is to speak positive affirmations into their life. I always tell Eddie that I know he is going to do an amazing job with a task that he has. I don't tell him good luck. I will tell him I know today is your day not I hope you have a good day. Its small things like this that make a huge difference. 

5. Support Their Dreams and Goals 

I feel it's very important to know and understand each other's goals separately and as a couple. It is very helpful for me to share my goals with Eddie and have him encourage me to stay on track. I do the same for Eddie with his goals. We also sit down and discuss the goals we have as a couple. This could be saving for a vacation or weight loss as a couple. The idea is to know the goal your partner is trying to reach and support them in every way possible. 

6. Be Adventures Together and Try New Things

If you have followed me for any amount of time you know that I love my weekends. I really like to make the most of the time I have from Friday evening to Sunday evening with my family. It means the world to me to find fun things for Eddie and me to do together. This doesn't mean you have to go on an expensive vacation but find different events that your city offers. There are so many events around us that we can take part in. Sign up for your local city newsletter so you can stay up to date on events in your area which will cut down on travel cost. Make the most of every free minute you have! 

I pray that these tips make an impact in your relationship and I hope you found one or more of them to be helpful. Be sure to scroll back to the top of my blog and sign up for my newsletter so you have the chance to stay up to date on all of my postings and items I share on my Youtube channel. 

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My New Go-To Summer Tote from Loft

Hello friends and welcome to my Blog! 

On my recent trip to Atlanta, we visited Loft in the Atlantic Station. This is actually my favorite Loft Store and I always make sure I stop by when I am in the Atlanta area. Its the largest store I have shopped at and I love how they have so many mannequins dressed to give you ideas and inspiration. If you are in the Atlanta area you will have to stop by this location. 

During this visit, I purchased this adorable tote which is now my favorite Summer tote. I love everything about it from the basket weave on the outside to the blue/white stripes on the inside fabric. It also ties to help keep your items inside the purse instead of being an open bucket. 
Loft actually has a new collection of several totes and I really do like each one of them. Here is a look at the pieces they have at this time. My hope is they will continue this with each season and I can't wait to see what they bring out for this Fall.

The color combo is perfect for Summer and will pair nicely with so many different outfits. I am really excited about this being my go-to Summer tote and bringing it on future vacations with us. 

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Two Summer Dresses On My Wish List

Hello friends and welcome to my Blog! 

Let's talk all things Summer Dresses today! One of the best ways to stay cool is wearing a very comfortable sundress but still achieving an amazing look. Right now Loft has two dresses that I have my eye on and I really like. 

When you visit the Loft website be sure to see the new totes that have in stock. I love the fact they are now offering totes which pair perfectly with all of their pieces. I actually can't wait to pick up a few of the others and to see what they come out with this Fall!
Here is a look at the one I have on above. I know several of you shared with me that you have picked it up because it's perfect for Summer events like a wedding or baby shower. We have an outdoor evening event we will be attending in a few weeks and I really think it will be perfect.
This is another dress that I am very excited about. It's really stunning on in person and its the type of dress that you could pair with heels and wear to a formal event or wear it like I have with the espadrilles.

You will have to tell me if you are loving all the pretty dresses that are out this Summer as much as I am? I love how pretty and feminine they are but yet you can stay cool in the heat. 

Here is a look at my latest Youtube video from my channel. I hope you will be sure to subscribe so you never miss out on the fun and tips that I love to share. 

See you in my next post friends. Have an amazing week and be blessed! 

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