Hotel Room Tour at the Amazing Grand Bohemian Hotel

I just returned from a business trip and the hotel we stayed in has to be my new all time favorite. We stayed at the Grand Bohemian in Mountain Brook, Alabama. I can not wait to bring Eddie back for a weekend getaway very soon. Come take a look at everything this hotel has to offer which I will be sharing in my next few post but today lets look at the hotel room itself. 

The minute you walk into the lobby you are amazed with the set up and the candles they have burning smell amazing and fill the room. I almost could not finish checking in because I wanted to photograph everything and take it in. 

When I walked into the room I immediately saw the bathroom to my left and it says everything girly and amazing. From the very light pink color on one accent wall and then the amazing mirror and vanity set up. It was just beautiful. 

The shower is a walk in and made from stone. I love the glass door and its really a room to itself. 

In the hall right outside of the bathroom is a large beautiful tall mirror. Also there is a beautiful light fixture which is just another way the hotel paid attention to every detail. It reminds me of a large flower. 

The room has two very large pieces of art that bring out the green and purple color scheme. Again they add that extra touch to detail with the art style lamp over it to help feature the artwork. I love the gold frame on each picture. 

The white bedding really allows the purple headboard and art work to pop. I love the idea of white bedding in a room because you can change the color theme easily with different and new pillows. I actually plan to put white bedding in one of my guest bedrooms that I am making over. 

Butterflies are a theme in the hotel as you an see from this picture and also are on the carpet in the hallway leading to each room. 

Here is a look at one of the very cool light feature that is located between the two beds in the room. Its a chain and has such a very edgy look and I love it. 

This has to be my new favorite must have item I want. Its a light built into the headboard that folds out and allows you more light to read with in bed. I love this and can not believe I have not seen something like this before. I have been doing some research online and have found that I could have a very classic light added to my current wood headboard and I might do this. I really need more light in bed to see better at night. 

The sitting corner in the room was beautiful and one of the highlights of the room. I never thought about using purple and green together the way they did in the hotel and I am now such a fan. Don't get me wrong, I am not going to make my entire house purple and green but this would be so much fun in a guest bedroom. 

I love the idea of the pop of green from the lamp to help bring out the color scheme. It really helped pull it all together. 

When we came in the room they had this amazing CD playing and you can actually purchase it. I love it! It was so calming and every time I came back to the room to rest or freshen up I always went right to the music and turned it on. I loved it. 

If you have followed me for any amount of time I am sure you know that I love a coffee bar and wow this is the best coffee bar I have had in any hotel rom. All I can say is, " YES please." This made morning coffee so much better. 

Every door in the hotel hall is purple and I love it. It just felt so rich and amazing. You should see how every door just popped as you walked down the hallway which was also filled with art work. 

The hallway is filled with artwork that you could also purchase. I just absolutely love the vibe and feeling of this hotel room. I can not wait for you to see the rest of the hotel in my next few post. Be sure to come back tomorrow for my next post! 

Be sure to watch the video above to see a tour of everything and a look into my visit. I just know you will love it!



New Ann Taylor Tassel Top Thats Also on Clearance

We had so much fun this weekend exploring our City and taking in what is in our own backyard. I came across this set of wings that were painted on this building and I knew it would be the perfect background for my white outfit I wanted to share this week. 

Let me start by telling you about my new top from The Loft that I found on the clearance rack. You can find the top here. I do not plan to wash this top because I do not want to mess up the tassels that hang on the front. I will use the Dryel dry-cleaning at home system to help keep it in tack. Oh course its not going to be the shirt I pick out when we want to go to dinner and have ribs since its all white. 

I love the white on white look as I paired it with jeans. You will need to wear a white cami under it because it is a little thin but that is what makes it perfect for Summer. This top is also very cute with navy capri pants since the navy color runs through the top. It also doesn't need a necklace because the tassels work as one. 

I absolutely love the wings in the background and it reminds me a set of wings that I think are in LA that I have seen many people share a photo in front of. Its different than my normal style but thats what makes these photo blog post fun each week. 

Trey is such a great helper as he jumped out of the car with me and helped me take these. Thats a good sport!

Now this picture is a lot of fun because its an official Pokemon stop!!! That right I said it, "A Pokemon stop!!!"

This picture was fun to take because of the reference to my city. Its interesting to see all of this going up in the downtown area. 

I could not help but add a couple of the fun pictures from when we were shopping which I hope you had a chance to see in the video link below. I loved this tree topper which was a crystal crown. 

It seems like horns are going to be very popular this year but I am not sure how they will be used. Row after row had horns on them so of course I had to group a quick photo. My kids just love when I have these moments!

I hope you had fun taking a look at this weeks outfit blog post. Be sure to take a look at the video above so you can come along with us. 


Lunch at Dauphin's a New Hot Spot

Today we ran to grab lunch at a new restaurant that opened in my city and I was amazed every time I turned the corner. It all started when I saw this amazing picture that is made out of Mardi Gras beads. The entire picture is 100% beads! I could not find a better picture to represent my hometown. 

I was so impressed I of course had to have a picture next to it. I love everything about it from the idea of the beads to the color scheme. I am sure that don't love the idea of people walking up and touching it but you just can't help yourself. 

Look closely at the sky and the moon as the different colors of the beads just flow and look so realistic. I just love it! 

Then it was time to have lunch since that was the reason we were there after all. The restaurant is called Dauphin's and its on the 34th floor of one of the business buildings downtown. I have to admit that I could have stayed all day and enjoyed the view. 

I wish I could just pack up my laptop and sit at this table all day. I find when I am anywhere with an amazing view that my mind goes into overload with creative thoughts. I honestly keep a small notebook on me at all times just to write everything down so I don't forget. Then I just need the time to put them into place, but don't we all. The view is all the way around the restaurant and its just breath taking. 

The color scheme of the restaurant is very calming and each of the tv's play the fish tank scene which really adds to the theme. See that brown chair in the pack of the photo that looks out the window? I would pay to rent that spot for the day! 

Lets talk about food since this is a restaurant after all! I started with the Lobster Bisque which was good but I am not a tomato base fan. I love a gumbo style or a white cream base. For anyone that likes tomato base soups this would be a hit! I also love the attention to detail with the sour cream poured gently on the top. 

I also had the fish tacos and potato waffle fries which I loved! They were just amazing. I love to get a side of ranch for my fries when they are the large waffle size like these and it just sends them over the top. Also this was the first time I squeezed fresh lime juice over the top of my fish tacos and it really bumped up the flavor. I really need to use fresh lime in more of my recipes. Be sure to leave me a comment and tell me if you enjoy a splash of lime?

When they asked if we would like dessert I am proud to say I did not order any but my sweet treat to the end of the meal was just sitting back and enjoying this view. I love this view! 

The dark rain clouds started rolling in and it reminded me of the Garth Brooks song "Thunder Rolls." Can you hear the song as you look at the photo below?

Great lunch and amazing view! To come along and see more be sure to take a look at the video below! 

Have an awesome week! 


Open House Party Plus Youtube Video

I am not a party planner by profession but one of my responibilities  is to handle the events my company puts together. I work with an amazing group of ladies that help me accomplish this and its always so much fun. 

This event was no different as it needed to be beautiful and fun as we held a ribbon cutting for one of our new offices. 

The color scheme of the office is orange and gray and I love how the florist was able to accomplish pairing the flowers with pops of orange. 

Can we talk about this cheese tray that the caterer put together.......I do not even know where to start with what I love more. From the pops of color of the fruit with grapes and raspberries. The silver cheese utensils were the perfect match with the rustic cheese board. All I can say is, "Yes please!"

From this point on I will always use blackberry, blueberries, and raspberries to decorate my cheeseboards. Such a pop of color but I also love how it makes the color of the cheese pop right off the board. 

I love how she put the fruit out in a way that each type spoke for itself. The green, blue, and purple colors were so rich and you could not help yourself but add some to your plate. 

Now we are on to desserts and would you believe that each one of these treats were homemade. They were amazing from Keylime Mini Cheesecakes to Brownie Bites. It was fun to see people circle this end of the table several times. 

The scissors and ribbon was ready for the fun events. 

I love the people I work with. I am such a believer of surrounding yourself with good people but you should always make a point to help bring sunshine their way more than you expect it to come your way. I love how they just naturally are filled with sunshine! 

This was such a fun event and I am happy to say that everyone who attended really enjoyed it! This one is complete and checked off the list! You can take a look at the video below for a little look into the fun! 

See you next time in my next blog post! 

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