New Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Hello, friends! 

I am so excited to show you my kitchen pantry's makeover! I found that my pantry before the makeover was causing me more issues than helping me. I could not find items that I needed and I would purchase items that I already had on hand.

I also hated the idea of opening up the pantry door to see the unorganized mess that sat waiting to look right back at me. Now I am so excited to how organized everything is and I just love how it all came together.

The reason the makeover started was that I saw how much wasted space I had from the top shelf to the roof. I had my contractor come in and add to small shelves that were not as deep and would still allow putting baskets on them to hold extra items that I did not need to get my hands on every day.

This ended up being a perfect idea and I love the extra space. It's up high and I do need a step stool but I really don't mind because again these are not items I need every day. I also never put anything heavy on the top shelves.

Ready to take a look!

First, let's start off when you open the pantry door.

As you can see I have this white metal over the door rack similar to these White Rack (available in small and large)White Back of the Door Rack, and White 24 Inch Wide Adjustable Rack.

I purchased these from Amazon years ago. Here are some similar options in color from Amazon if you are looking: Home Basics Metallic Non-Woven Strap Bin Basket Tote (Small, Grey) and 2pk Woven Baskets in gray. Just make sure to check the sizes with your individual space. 

For these, I used mini spice jars. You can get these from so many places. Amazon has many options including Transparent Spice Storage Containers6pc - 5 oz Mini Oval Clear Glass Favor Jars, and Bail and Trigger Spice Jars, Set of 4

I can not even tell you how long I have had these two. I could not tell you which store I purchased from honestly! Here are some similar ones: Airtight Glass Canister Set of 3Anchor Hocking 2 Pack 67oz Glass Jars, and 2 Pack of Bamboo Cap 27 oz Capacity.

I like to keep my water bottles and paper towels in this bottom large storage baskets. I purchased this from Homegoods! I just love the neutral colors and how perfect the size is for space. 

I keep our step ladders at the bottom of our pantry as well. Here are some step ladder options if you're in the market: Small White Step Ladder and 16 inch White Step Ladder

I purchased the two larger round storage baskets from Homegoods as well as the smaller rectangle container. I like to keep our pasta, chips, and other larger items in the round baskets. I like to keep our tuna and spice packets in the rectangular one.

All of the glass containers are labeled for quick access. These are so great for many reasons. My favorite part about these containers is that I can see when I need more of a certain product. Right now, I need more grits for the glass container.

As you can see, everything has a place. This makes it pretty to everyone who sees your pantry including yourself, but allows you to know where each item is. 

On this shelf, we have the condiments, future salad dressings, cooking spray, and all the similar items. You can find similar baskets on Amazon here: Spectrum Diversified Wire Storage Basket in Chrome and Spectrum Diversified Wire Storage Basket with handles.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! You can see the Kitchen Pantry Makeover on my YouTube Channel below. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss out!



June Weekend Visit With Dallas In Atlanta

Hello friends! 

It is a new month! Let's welcome June with open arms and excitement for what is to come. 

One of my favorite parts of the month is to visit Dallas in Atlanta. This trip was Trey, Binx, and me!

I absolutely love my Happy Planner 24 Month Kit that I purchased around the holidays. It helps me keep everything organized. It, also, is so fun to decorate the weeks!

I have always heard of Paper Source, but never have been to a physical store. Dallas told me there was one in Atlanta so we drove straight to one! 

We all know my obsession with pineapples. How cute are these glasses? I just love them! I ended up not purchasing them since I wouldn't have many places to wear them.

Our next stop was the Ballard Designs Store and Outlet. 

The first table that I loved was this blue and white table! Just look at all the small details and how they work together on this table.

Don't you just love how they incorporated this pop of color!

The second table is more of a fall theme. Look how sweet these acorn plates are!

I know some of you commented on how you loved this turtle above from my Instagram post so I wanted to include him here!

Here are some of the pineapples that were in the store! Which pineapple is your favorite?

The third table setting that I loved in the store is this one below. The use of blues, browns, and greens were just perfect!

After a long day of shopping was behind us, Dallas mentioned this ice cream place, Jeni's, to us. We decided to take Binx along for the ride as they had an outdoor patio for us to sit with him. 

They stay open until midnight on weekends. This Jeni's is next to a restaurant with upstairs bar. They had live music which just made the atmosphere even better!

Look how darling the snapchat filter is for the area!

Jeni's ice cream is definitely a must to go try. You can tell the ice creams are definitely freshly made. It was absolutely delicious. While I was with Binx outside, Dallas and Trey got the ice creams for all of us. They even make their own waffle cones. 

This outdoor patio area was just beautiful. It was a great atmosphere to sit outside, listen to live music, and have yummy ice cream. 

Look how sweet my Binx is being! He absolutely loved being around all the people. It was great to see! He definitely will be coming on all of our Atlanta adventures. 

Look at my yummy white chocolate mint ice cream in homemade waffle cone! 

The next day...
I feel like we have started a tradition with Davinci's Donuts. They are just delicious. 

We bought (from top to bottom and left to right) Strawberry Cheesecake, Caramel Crunch, Chocolate Iced, Boston Creme Pie, Lemon Bar, Sprinkles, M&M, and Samosa. 

I hope you enjoy our trips to Atlanta as much as we have! You can see the video of the weekend HERE.


Favorite Finds on Amazon for Pets

Hello, friends! 

As you all know, I have my sweet Binx. He is a Miniature Yorkie. 

I do have a fun surprise that most of you do not know yet...Dallas is looking to adopt a dog in early 2018!  

I recently purchased some new items for Binx so he could travel more with us to Atlanta when we visit Dallas.  I am excited to share my favorite finds for Binx. Dallas will, also, be sharing her favorite finds for her future puppy. Of course, we will be sure to take you along when Dallas picks out her new puppy! 

With all of our fun adventures, we need to have some bathroom bags (1) on hand. Whether it is on the way to Atlanta or around town, it is always good to be prepared with a dog.

Now, this dog's travel bag (2) is incredible. I love the versatility of this bag. 

I recently purchased a watermelon collar for Binx and love how it is gender neutral. Here are some examples of similar collars: watermelon dog collar (3)watermelon dog leash (4), and watermelon dog collar (6)

This travel water bottle (5) is great for all dog owners. This helps keep your dog hydrated while out and about.

Dallas is going to share all of her finds with us! I am so excited to have her join me on this post! 

I am super excited about finding a puppy to adopt next year. 

I agree completely with my mom that every dog owner should have dog water bottle (1). I plan on taking my future dog to Piedmont Park to play, around the Beltline, and so many other places!

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of the color blue. I plan on getting a dog between 7-15 lbs. A dog full body leash (2) would be best so it does not hurt his throat. This dog leash (3) is just perfect for me as it has the dog poop bag holder. I love this blue dog collar (4) for everyday wear. 

Lastly, I think this dog house would be so cute in the apartment for my sweet future dog. I have just the place for it. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! What are your favorite finds on Amazon for your pets?



Home Chef Meal Delivery (Pre-delivery) Guest Post By Dallas

Hello friends!

I am excited to let you all know that I will be receiving my first Home Chef Meal (with this link you will receive $30 in credit to use on your own Home Chef)! I will be receiving the meal next Wednesday. 

I plan on sharing every step of the process with you all. 

The first step is to pick what you would like to order. Here are the options for this upcoming week. 

They, also, offered the two meals below. These are the two that I picked for this next week. I figured why not have some fun and try two delicious meals. 

I will say a lot of the meals sounded absolutely delicious. These just sounded great for me and the boys. They have where you can pick how many people, what you prefer to eat, and what you can not eat as well.

One of my favorite things so far is that they show me calories per serving, the spice level, and the difficulty. 

Thank you all for reading! I will be posting how they arrive and how the recipes turn out!

Have you ever tried Home Chef? Let me know below what your thoughts are!


Fun Night at Home with Items from the Target Dollar Spot

Hello friends! 

It's party time! You all know I love to use pineapple decor for fun! Just brings a smile to my face. We all should have decor or party fun to bring a smile! 

All of these items are actually from the Target Dollar Spot for their summer section! I almost could not believe the great deals! I always love how they have items for everyone within a budget!

I wanted this to be a fun summer set up! This is perfect for having everyone get together, eat, and watch a movie with some yummy foods.

These tin canisters are so handy and cute! As you will see, I used these to hold the quesadillas. There are such a wonderful addition to this summer table setting. 

We have all been drinking water more. I thought it would be fun to use these glasses for our waters! I actually made these fun glasses and they were very easy.

How cute are these happy hour napkins! I just love the pop of color on these. Adds a cute pop of color! 

As you all know, I love my pineapples. These are just perfect! They have the gold trim and a cute watercolor pineapple.

Now onto the food...

Who enjoys some yummy wings? If so, this meal is definitely for you! I baked these wings...yes, a video will be coming out soon to share these yummy wings with your family. We want wings, but we don't need to have them fried and absolutely terrible for us. 

I don't know about your kids, but Trey loves quesadillas! Quesadillas are easy to make and fill everyone's hungry tummies! 

They are very versatile too. You have chicken in your fridge? Make chicken quesadillas. Bell peppers and maybe some mushrooms? Throw those in too! I just love how easy they are to make. 

I made these meatballs in the crockpot! How simple is that? Just let them cook themselves!

 I will post this recipe soon so you and your families can enjoy these as well!

I love these pineapple straws from Target. Can not believe how adorable they are!

As you can see, it was a fun night with the family. We were able to have delicious baked wings, easy to make crockpot meatballs, and versatile quesadillas. It was easy and affordable to bring a fun night to the whole family with foods that everyone enjoys. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Thank you for coming along as we share our family night!

Here is a look at my set up during our weekly meal!

What do you like to do for a fun family night? Any go to recipes? 

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