Kitchen Drawer Clean Out

I am excited about a new Cleaning Series I am sharing with you each Friday. I am helping you take small steps with organizing your home. We are all very busy, but the idea is for you to see the video each Friday and know what your weekend task is going to be. They are simple task that you can complete quickly so you can move on and spend time with your family. Our weekends are short enough without spending too much time cleaning. 

One of my favorite changes I made this year was to make a utility drawer. This holds all of those items like my label maker, flashlight, and my battery storage. It's the kind of things that when you need to get your hands on you want them to be right at your fingertips. 

One tip I have is to have a space that you keep your sharp tools. This helps my family know that they should never just reach in this part of the drawer because they are very sharp. We never just throw tools in this section of the drawer. 

Creating a divided space does not have to cost a lot and can be done on a budget. Walmart has this pack of two containers for $.97 and they work great for holding the type of items that need to stay grouped together. 

This is one of my favorite drawers because it all things baking and measuring. A dash of this and a dash of that but keeping it all organized is a huge help! 

This is a great time to wash your pot holds and put them back in place clean and organized. This is another item that you only need a few of and not a drawer overflowing with potholders. Take a minute and see if you need to purchase a new set. HomeGoods and The Dollar Tree have great prices and a great selection. 

This is my stationary drawer that holds pens and pencils for all of our needs. Also, the notepads are perfect for my daily grocery list. The key here is you don't need 100 pens and notepads but just enough to keep the drawer well stocked. 

I hope you enjoyed a look at the step by step video I put together for my Youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on all of the upcoming videos! I am really excited about this series. 


Create 365 Planner Review from Costco

I am very excited about my new planner I picked up this past week from Costco in this kit set up. For 2017 I wanted to move towards a planner to track of all the Youtube and Blog items I have going on. Now that I am two weeks into it I can honestly tell you that I love everything about it. 

The kit is perfect for the planner that is just starting off because it comes with stickers, pens, and washi tape. I find that each day I am so excited to use it and I feel very creative which is perfect for someone like me. 

I am very happy with how the pens write. I had no issues with this running through the pages or causing issues with getting ink on my hands or the other pages. 

The planner also comes with several stickers and two folders with pocket. I love the green pop of color and black polka dots with stripes. 

I also went to Hobby Lobby this week and picked up a 3 pack of covers which I am very excited about. I love the idea of being able to change it out with no problem. If you do this don't forget to use your coupons! 

This week I am using the black and white striped cover with my gold band. 

The inside of this new cover is very cute with the little hearts. I also love my notebook that fits right on the inside because I am always taking notes. 

Here is the exciting part! I am going to start sharing a Plan With Me Youtube series during the month. This will let you see how the previous week went and what I plan for the upcoming week! I am very excited about and hope it not only motivates me but helps you! 

Come take a look below at my video as I walk you through the kit! If you feel this is something you would enjoy I would check out your Costco quickly. I also saw that people posted them on Ebay but it looks like they are double the price so be careful. 

I hope you enjoyed! Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can come along as I share my Plan With Me Series! 



New Year's Eve Celebrations and Decor Party Ideas

We had an excellent start to our day on New Year's Eve. Dallas and I went out for some shopping time and enjoyed a great lunch. It's so nice to spend time with her while she is home from college during the Winter Break. 

Dallas snapped this picture while we were at lunch and you can clearly see I am very happy having everyone under one roof. There really is something magical about the holidays. 

We had a lot of fun putting all the treats together to enjoy while we waited for the clock to reach midnight. They were all very simple and gold glitter makes everything better. You can pick up the silver and gold edible glitter from Michaels. 

The cute black and white striped straws are from Target in their Dollar Section. 

The paper plates also come from Target in their party supply section. They had a lot of cute pieces to match the set. 

The little miniature hats are from the Dollar Section at Target and of course we all know and love the gold wrapped candies. I love how they look more like decor than candy. 

This is one of my favorite pictures from the night which you might have seen on Facebook and Instagram! 

I also took premade miniature eclairs and sprinkled edible glitter on them. I put them on cupcake holders to dress them up and I love how they turned out. 

I had to make Binx take part in the activities but I am not too sure he was pleased. Oh well, we should all have fun every now and then! 

Of course, we have Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice so everyone can part in the fun. 

I love how cute the eclairs look on the cupcake stands. I honestly did no cooking or baking but I achieved that look of taking time to make things special for the ones I love. 

We had a wonderful time and you can join us in the video below. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss out because 2017 is going to be full of amazing tips that you can use along with a lot of fun! 

See you next time! 


Christmas Entrance to My Home

Welcome to my home! 

I love how when you enter my home there is a nutcracker in place to greet you and he stands guard at night! 

This year I found this adorable picture at Kirklands and had to have it for my entry way of my home. I loved the fact that it was on sale and it matched the area perfectly! 

Next to my front door I have this little side table that has my new special delivery Santa mailbox. I love the idea of dropping off a letter to Santa and then taking a cup of hot chocolate. Sounds fun right! 

I found this at Michaels and I just love it. You can put letters in on the top and take them out from the back. 

I also found this "Believe" pillow at Michaels during their big doorbuster sale. I picked it up for $5.00 and I just love it. The metal wire basket is from the Bullseye Spot at Target. The blanket scarf is also from Target. 

I love the way everything came together this year. It's one of my favorite spots and makes me so happy to walk by each night. 

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at this years decor. I love adding new pieces easy year and this year were some of my favorite additions . 

I have attached the video below so you can see more details. Have fun and be sure to subscribe so you never miss out! 


DIY Peppermint Sticks for Hot Chocolate and Movie Night

I have had so much fun sharing my 25 Days of Christmas on my Youtube Channel this year and one of my favorite items to share have been these adorable Peppermint Spoons for your hot chocolate! 

You will need Starlight Peppermints and a Silicon Spoon Mold that you can find on Amazon. 

Here is what you do:
  • Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
  • In a ziplock bag, crush the peppermints. You can see in my video how I crushed mine. 
  • Use a teaspoon to fill the spoon mold with the crushed peppermint – be sure to put extra by the top of the spoon part and at the neck of the spoon (where the spoon and handle meet). These are areas that break easy.
  • Place in oven and let melt completely. Mine took about 10 minutes, but every oven is different and you just have to watch it. Once it had melt a good bit, I took mine out and added some additional crushed peppermint wherever it looked thin. I let it cook for a few minutes longer.
  • Take out of the oven and let cool. Only the parents should touch it when it comes out because it is very hot!

These are so cute sitting out for your Hot Chocolate Cocoa Night to go along with Movie Night! 

Here is the complete video on how to make yours! I hope you enjoy and be sure to subscribe! 

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