Hi Friends! It’s officially 2019! 
Today I wanted to round up the most popular posts from 2018, in case you missed the best of the best this year. This should be a lot of fun! 
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That was so much fun to see what everyone was loving and what ended up being the Top Four post from the year! 
Now, what were the Top Nine from Instagram?

Thank you so much for your support and reading throughout 2018. I am so excited to bring so many new posts to you in 2019!


This Week's Office Outfit Ideas and Date Night

Can you believe 2019 is knocking at our door! I just know this is going to be an amazing year and I can't wait to see what it brings our way! First on the agenda is to talk about a few fashion ideas from this past week. 

This is one of my new favorite looks all because of the short ankle boots with the black tights. I was so excited on the day that Eddie wanted to run into one of the shoe stores that was closing and I found these for $9.99. I don't know why it took me this long to try out this look but now I love it. 

Pairing a bold statement necklace with a turtleneck is such a great look. I find just about all of my pieces from Ann Taylor and The Loft but I wait for their big sales! 

The important part is the fact these boots were so comfy. I was worried they would cut into my ankles but they felt like butter! That has always been a funny statement to me because who really slips their feet into butter.......unless you have and then you must tell me all about it! 

I love this jacket because it reminds me of a Chanel style but it was nowhere near that price. I found it on the clearance rack at the Ann Taylor Factory. It's really stunning in person. 

I have on dark navy pants but this jacket would also look great paired with jeans for a casual Saturday outing. I love how a piece like this can be used in several different ways and really helps you get the most for your money. 

This has to be one of my favorite pictures! I was about to take a picture of my Barefoot Dreams cardigan to share with you and my sweet love popped in the picture to photobomb me. Oh, how I love him! He puts up with my running late so I can always grab one more outfit picture! 

Speaking of the outfit, I paired my Barefoot Dreams Cardigan with a black turtleneck and black pants and I loved the look. You can find the cardigan HERE

It was a very cold and stormy night but we were so excited to see Trey perform and he even had a solo! We turned it into a fun date night. 

I was so proud of my Trey-man! He did such an amazing job! If you didn't get a chance to see our fun night I have shared the link below for you.

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See you in my next post friends! 


Holiday Ideas from The Loft Along With My Favorite Fashion Pieces

Welcome to my Blog friends and I am so excited to share my gift guide for The Loft. If you have followed me for any amount of time then you know I love The Loft and Ann Taylor and I shop there often! 

Let's get started with some of my favorite ideas but before you leave the post its a must that you watch the YouTube video I put together and posted on my channel. You will get a much better view of everything. 

While I was in Atlanta we visited The Atlantic Station Loft and had a great time looking at their new Holiday Collections. I love that they had so many displays showing the different outfit combinations to help give you several ideas to pick from. Be sure to follow them on Instagram because they always have great ideas! 

The minute I walked into the store I knew this necklace would be coming home with me. I can not wait until you see how I style it in the upcoming weeks for work, events, and our upcoming cruise! 
You can find it HERE

If you need a gift idea for someone in your life but you are not sure about their size then you should take a look at their sunglass collection. I love this velvet case! 

Need a cami to pair under your blouse or sweater? The Loft has an amazing selection of colors to pair with any outfit. 

I love the print of this blouse and I felt it would be perfect for the office. Its lightweight enough to wear in the Spring and Summer but paired with a cardigan it will be great for this Winter. Its a fun play on a leopard print but in a gray and light pink color family. You can find it HERE.

I just can not explain how happy it made me when I was able to try on this top and have it fit so nicely. I loved the stripes but the buttons on the sleeve really caught my attention. It helped dress it up and give it a nice finished look. You can find it HERE

It's so easy to give it a different look by adding a pretty ballet pink cardigan like I did here. This one is going to coordinate with so many of the pieces that I picked up during this shopping trip at the Atlantic Station Loft. You can find it HERE.

This is one of the best ideas with the ruffle sleeves attached to the sleeve of the sweater instead of adding the extra shirt under the sweater. I love this idea and of course, I picked this one up! Its perfect for jeans on the weekend or paired with dress pants for the office. You can find it HERE

I shared in my recent Loft Holiday Gift Guide Youtube video that a scarf is the best gift for someone you are not sure to purchase something for and this one is amazing. It pairs perfectly with each piece I purchased. You can find it HERE

The sweater pictures above and below is just amazing with the built-in cream ruffles on the sleeve is the reason I purchased two different striped sweaters. It pairs beautifully with the scarf or on its own. 

This is another piece that is going to be perfect for the weekend or the office paired with nice pants. You can find it HERE

I picked up this gray blouse because I was able to style with multiple pieces that I purchased that day and make it feel like several different outfits. Take a look below at all the ways you can style it for a different look. You can find this blouse HERE

So now that you have the idea of just using the blouse and then adding the scarf for a different look. 

Add the cardigan and scarf and you have a different look that is perfect for a day out on the weekend or the office. 

This sweater was a huge hit when I shared it on Instagram. You all shared with me how much you loved it. You can find it HERE

I didn't purchase this black blouse but I do plan to go back online and pick it up. It's going to be perfect with pants but you could pair it with a nice black skirt and have the perfect outfit that is also very slimming. 

I have linked my YouTube video below to help give you a better look at each piece. I really had a great time shopping with Dallas and giving you several ideas for Christmas gifts! Enjoy and be sure to Subscribe so you never miss out! 

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