Movie Night At Home Ideas from High End To Bar Carts On A Budget

Welcome to my Blog and I am excited to share this post with you because its full of ideas for you to have and put in place for your movie night. I am sharing three different ideas with you that range from a simple budget idea to a larger one. 

Bar Carts are one of my favorite ways to make something look special and it's really simple to accomplish. I have to stop myself from buying a new bar cart every time I visit HomeGoods. I love when I see the wood carts and the gold style. I think I could put one in every room. 

I would love to purchase one more so that I have a wood style like above and a nice gold style. That might just have to stay on my list. 

You don't just need a Movie Station or a bar cart to have a fun set up. You can take a tray and place on your coffee table and fill it with lots of fun treats. The idea is just to make a theme around movie night instead of having things sit in the kitchen. 

Take a look at the video below and you can see where I walk you through each idea and how to accomplish it. Having a romantic and fun movie night at home is one of my favorite ways to spend time with my sweet Eddie. I hope you enjoy the ideas! 

See you in my next post friends! 


My Fall Guest Bedroom Tour

Welcome to my Blog friends! I am excited to share my recent guest bedroom tour with my Fall decor. I want to start a look at the before which you can see below. I love the idea of my white and blue theme. 

So jumping in with my new Fall decor I wanted everything to wrap around the blue and white theme and this year was my year to accomplish this. Target put out the cutest pumpkins in their Dollar Section and I grabbed as many as I could. 

I love these blue and white pillows I picked up from Amazon. You can find these HERE. These are just the covers but I love things like this because they make storage so easy. 

I love the cozy corner I have created for guest to sit and relax after their travels. I came up with such a great idea to be able to pull this little table out watch the tv from the couch and then you can put the little stand back. I didn't want a tv to take over the room and this solution worked out great. 

It only takes one simple elegant Fall pillow to put in place to set the tone of the room. 

Now its time for a tour so join me as we look at each piece. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour and I will see you in the next post. 


Topic Tuesday - Do You Know Who You Are?

Hello friends and welcome to my Blog! 

I recently shared that I launched Topic Tuesday on my Facebook and Instagram and I am ready to share my first topic with you! First, let me catch everyone up just in case you are not sure how this works. 

On the first Tuesday each month I am sharing a post that lets you know its time for Topic Tuesday and I am ready for you to share topics that I can bring up in my YouTube weekly video so we can all give our thoughts and advice on to help each other.  This can range from every topic possible! 

I am so excited about all of the topics that so many of you shared and you will see them in upcoming videos. 

The first step is to watch this week's Vlog and listen to the discussion. 

After watching the video I would love for you to leave a comment and share your thoughts. 

The third step is to print out the document below and complete. This is only for you to see but really take time to sit quietly and think about the answer. See what it would take for you to grow and discover more about what you love and go back to doing it. 

You can print your copy HERE

Did you enjoy the first Topic Tuesday? I can't wait to hear back from you! 


Weekly Fashion Ideas for Women Over 40

Hello and welcome to my Blog friends! I hope you have all had a great start to your week. Mine has been very busy but productive. Eddie and I went to see the best movie last night. Rachel Hollis is a YouTuber and author and she has a documentary which shares her recent two-day seminar and its called, Made for More. Oh, it was amazing! They only offered two showings in my City so keep an eye out for this on Netflix because hopefully it will be released!

You will hear much more about this in an upcoming video as I bring you along with Eddie and I when we went to see it. 

Now let's talk about a little fashion! This weekend we went out for lunch and I wore this cute outfit that I found on sale at The Loft for $7.95. I know its still on sale but I am not sure of the price at the time you look but I will have it linked below for you. 

Workday Style 

Here is a very comfortable outfit for the office that is perfect for Summer. Its so hot outside but when you get in the office you will freeze so wearing layers is great. This cardigan was on sale for $10 at the time I purchased it. The shirt and pants were also on sale and everything is listed below. I love that I have been able to wear this yellow top in several different ways.

I hope you have had the opportunity to check out one of my recent videos from my YouTube channel. I love sharing and having fun with each one of you so I hope you will subscribe and follow along. 

See you in the next post friends! 

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