Halloween Party Drink the Pumpkin Smash

Are you ready for a fun Halloween Party Drink? This is the one you should try, it's the Pumpkin Bash! It's also perfect for after dinner as a dessert drink that you and your family can make together. This will be our go to Fall Dessert drink from this point on. 

You will see in the video below that Trey, and I had a blast making these and designing our cups. The key is to have your cup look like a pumpkin because after all, it is the Pumpkin Blast drink! You can pick these cups up at the Dollar Tree. 

Look how cute your guest will be sitting at your table with their little pumpkin cups enjoying this sweet treat! You can also make it fun and have your guest design their own cup. Maybe even have a contest and give a prize to the winner for the person that creates the cutest cup. 

Here is what you will need and the steps to take. First, you can purchase your small plastic cups from almost anywhere, but I found my set at the Dollar Tree. For a pack of ten, they were $1.00. Also, you will need a black permanent marker to draw your pumpkin face on the cup. If you were going to have your guest draw their pumpkin face sit a marker by each seat at the table. 

Look how cute that little face is.....no worries you can clearly see that I am not an artist so you will absolutely be able to do this. 

Fill your cup up just a little with orange soda but make sure to leave plenty of room to put your ice cream in and then top again with orange soda. 

Place your scoop of ice cream in the cup and then top with more soda. 

The fun part is the soda will bubble up and make it look just like the title, A Pumpkin Smash! 

These are very yummy and the perfect party drink or just something fun to make with your family as a sweet treat! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check out the video below to come along and see the fun we had putting all of this together! What a blast! 

Here is a look at the bar cart that I mentioned and shared in the video above. I just love the way it turned out!

Hope you enjoyed and see you tomorrow with more fun! 



Morning Routine to Help You Be Successful

This is part of my New You Series that I started at the beginning of the year and I have been enjoying all of your comments and feedback with how much you are enjoying it. This week I want to share with you how important it is to have a morning routine. It doesn't matter if you are a student, professional that works outside of the home, a stay at home mom, or retired. I know you will take something away from this post and video that will help you. 

No matter what you have scheduled during the day, it only makes sense to have a routine so you can make the most of the day. No one wants to run around in circles and feel like nothing was accomplished. Let me share a few tips that work for me. 

First Tip

Are you a morning person or a night owl? When I first had someone ask me this question years ago, I would always tell them that I was a night owl, but felt this way because I didn't like to wake up early. That's not what this question means. When answering this question you are trying to determine when is your best time to get the most done. 

My answer is now that I am a morning person. I still HATE to wake up early, but once I am up, I am at my most productive level. My energy level is high, and my focus is intense. 

It's key that you understand how your mind and body works. It's also time to stop telling yourself that your not a morning person because chances are you can be great in the morning. 

Second Tip

I feel like the phrase, "studies show" is overused but in this case, it does fit. Studies do show that successful people get up earlier and take time for themselves before starting their day. This could be for fitness, a Bible study, meditation, or a hobby. The key is not to get up early to start your chores or work. This is time for you to help focus and clear your mind. 

I have never felt like I was at my best when I wake up because I slept until the very last minute, jumped in the shower and rushed out the door to work. I feel more in control when I wake up early and manage my time. Its amazing what taking your time to drink your hot coffee can do for you instead of pouring it into a travel mug and splashing it around as you are trying to run out the door. 

Third Tip

How do you make this happen? 

You have to wake up early, and it is just that simple. For most of us, we can only make this happen if we go to bed earlier. Believe me; I know what it is like having kids, homework, housework, dinner, laundry, and more. What I found here is while I was doing these items there was a lot of watching tv between or other distractions that I could cut out. I was shocked with how much tv I watched and time was slipping away from me. I took my time back, and it made such a difference. I have all of my favorite tv channels set to record and I watch them on the weekend. 

Fourth Tip

Planning things the night before makes a big difference. It doesn't make sense to get up early only to spend all of that time trying to figure out what you need to do. There were times I would catch myself walking around and wondering if I was going to take my lunch to work that day and if so what was it going to be? Was I going to exercise that day and if so did I have clean workout gear? This could go on and on but once I started planning things out the night before I found that I woke up and went right to it. I love that feeling of knowing what I am going to do and what I needed to do!

Tip Five

Unplug for a little while in the morning. Oh, how I love this one!

When I do my walk/run, I do not allow myself to check emails, get on social media,  or take phone calls. This is my time to clear my head and work on a healthy body. I will listen to music or an audio book for a little while but towards the end when I am in the cool down zone I take out my earbuds and listen to the mother nature. The birds singing and the squirrels running in the grass from tree to tree. Sounds like a poem but it really does help with stress. 

Your extra time in the morning needs to be spent in a way that will allow you to do something that makes you better. Really look at how you are spending it. One thing I do now while I am getting dress and ready for work is to put on a Beth Moore Bible study. I love her studies and always feel like it is time well spent. She always has my favorite bible studies and gets me so addicted to studying the word. If you need something to really kick start your desire to study the word, I recommend any of her studies!

Tip Six

Fitness in the morning has made such a difference in how I feel for so many reasons. One of the most significant benefits is I make better decisions with my food choices. After a long walk, I know how much work went into it, and the last thing I want to do is put lots of junk in my body. I find that I actually crave fruits and lean proteins during the day.

I also feel better mentally after a nice walk in the morning. Things that might have stressed me out or caused anxiety just don't seem to matter as much. There is something about taking in some extra sun and fresh air that does amazing things for you.

Now, what if you can't get away to walk because you have to get the kids ready.

Here is a great video to use and follow along with this post! I know you will find it helpful and be sure to subscribe so you never miss out. I try to bring new post to you multiple times during the week with both my blog and Youtube channel. I love the community we have built together and all enjoy. 

See you next time as I share a new tip with you to help put in your life and make the most of every day! 



It's Giveaway Time || Shieldon Wallet Cell Phone Case

I love when I have the chance to put together a Giveaway with one of my current favorite products! I recently started using an all in one wallet and cell phone case and I love how convenient it is for me. I feel like I am always on the go and having my cash, credit cards, and cell phone in one place has been a great benefit.

After using my phone case for about two weeks and seeing what a great benefit it is to have we decided it was best for Eddie to use one. I just do not know how guys do it with a large wallet that has to sit in their back pocket. Sitting at their desk while working or driving during the day I can see how you would have hip pain.

I am very excited to share with you that I will be announcing two different winners on Saturday, October 29th. To enter, you will watch the video below and leave a comment as directed in the video. Just that simple! 

Please be sure to like their Facebook page here- Facebook

Be sure to check out all the different wallet cases that Shieldon has to offer here at the store. Store Link.  They have several different phone cases from iPhone and more and also offer different sizes. 

Now the only thing left to do is watch the video below and then enter to win.  I will announce the winner Saturday, October 29th. Good luck to all! 

See you in my next post friends! 


Halloween Marshmallow Pop Party Ideas

There are two things I love about this time of year, the Fall weather and making fun treats! This is such an easy treat that you and your family can make for events like Movie Night. Be sure to see the video at the bottom of the post because Trey and I had a blast making them. 

Here is what you will need for this treat:

Halloween candies
Chocolate bar
Colored Straws

Here are the steps to take:

1. Melt your chocolate in a double boiler. Once melted you can add a slight amount of coconut oil if you have it on hand. It's not necessary, but it does help add shine to the chocolate. 

2. Have your Halloween candies in separate bowls and ready for dipping. You can also sprinkle them on to help the chocolate stay in place. 

3. Then dip your marshmallow in chocolate and sprinkle the candies on top! 

Let dry and serve! 

I served some of them on my adorable plates that I picked up from the Target Dollar Spot. You might be able to find them if you go quickly. They come in a set of two plates for $3.00. I picked up the orange plaid and a set of the white plaid. 

I love everything about plaid during the holiday seasons. This is the first year I found a plaid pattern that went with Fall. If you were like me and picked up the orange plaid tray from Target last year it matches perfectly! 

We had so much fun making these treats and they are perfect to serve with Hot Chocolate. I set mine up on my bar cart along with everything you would need to make yourself a yummy hot chocolate. It was the perfect treat to go with Movie Night. You can see all of the steps and details in the video below.


See you in the next post as I bring you lots of fun ideas for this Halloween season! 


Do You Have the Right Pair of Shoes for Running/Walking

I love when I have the opportunity to share a blog post that can help make a difference in your life and this one will. Back in 2012, I started training for 5k events and my first half marathon. During my training, I was experiencing terrible pain in both of my calves. It was so bad I reached a point that I was thought I was going to have to stop running and walking long distance walks. Before making this decision, I decided to visit my doctor to see what could be wrong. 

After a complete examination and several tests, she suggested that I see a specialist and have them properly fit me for a pair of shoes. I have to admit that I could not image that this was going to make a big difference because the pain was so bad. 

I went to a local sports store that carries everything from running gear to outdoor gear and spoke with a well-known runner that fits people for shoes. He helps everyone with different needs from running to diabetes. He had me stand in several different positions to see how my feet handled the pose. I was shocked to see how my feet rolled inside and the amount of stress that was putting on my calves. 

Here is an idea of the issue I have with my feet rolling inward instead of standing straight up. When you see this example below you can see why my calves would hurt. 

He shared with me that I should purchase a pair of Nike Moto 9 from the Nike brand. I am not sharing this post with you to endorse this pair of shoes, so please know you will need to see what brand and style work for you but this is the pair that fits me best. Side note is they no longer make the Moto and I have switched to a high-performance shoe. 

I could not believe the difference it made within the first week of wearing them. After week three I felt like a brand new person. I could not wait to get out and put them to the test every day! 

There are people that have other issues and it is really important to understand how your feet fit in your shoes. Here are some other examples of what you might see. 

The second part of this is how important it is to know that your shoes are made to last for about 400-500 miles. The most visible wear on your shoes is the upper fabric but it is very important to keep an eye on the bottom rubber part of your shoes to help prevent injuries. You can actually cause more damage to your body when wearing shoes that are not in good condition. 

A couple of things to keep in mind: 
Shock absorption  is limited as your shoes get older. This is something that I am experiencing now. I have a trip planned today to go be fit for a new pair of shoes because my heels are taking the impact of every step I take while running. 

Shoes change shape as they wear out and this is important because I wear the shoes I do to help hold my instep up. If they start to change their shape I loose that support. 

Make sure that your shoes have mesh on the top to allow your feet to breath. If your socks get soaked from sweat they can rub together and blisters can form. 

I have also made a video here to help go into more details on my experience with how important it is to have the proper pair of shoes. This is very important for both runners and walkers. 

I hope you find this post helpful. If you have been having any type of pain don't give up on running/walking until you try a new pair of shoes that really fit the needs of your feet. I just can not believe the difference they made for me. 


Awesome Fun Treat Carmel Apple Pretzel Bites

It's Fall and I love everything about a Carmel Apples, but I always feel bad because I never finish them. They can also be very hard to eat sometimes without making a big mess. The idea of biting into the apple while balancing it on the stick is a lot to handle! This treat takes care of both of those issues, and they are amazing! 

These are so simple to make, and you only need three ingredients. Bag of Rolo's, an apple, and pretzels! That's its! 

The first step is to unwrap your Rolo candies and don't eat them as you unwrap them! Once you accomplish this stop for a minute and tell yourself what a great job you did. 

Preheat your oven to the lowest temperature. 

Cut your apple into small pieces. You can remove skin or leave on. 

On a cookie tray lay out your pretzels and then top with a Rolo candy. Place in the oven for about 2 minutes or until the chocolate looks soft. Don't walk away from the oven. 

When you take them out place a piece of the apple on each Rolo. I made a few with apples on top and a few with just the Rolo. They were both yummy!

You can follow along with me as I make these in the video below. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss out! We have such a fun community.

These are great to make with the kids as a weekend project. When you put them out for your family they will go very fast! 

See you next time as I bring another fun post your way! 

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